Working nights

Hey there, Any type 1 adults that have worked 12h nights 3d/week? I’m about to start and looking for any tips. So far, protect my sleep and pack good snacks. Thanks for any advice!

Hi @Ambryan not exactly but I travel for work and have had to work 3-12 hours out of my time zone then have worked then flown home.

I usually set the time on my pump to local time right away, except Singapore where I’ll do it on 2 steps. I do have weird dawn phenomena which can be an issue but when I travel I watch my CGM more. I always have emergency carbs in my backpack and so, no matter what happens I’m kind of covered. Good luck.

I imagine you will need to set a profile for your 12 hour days - er nights - versus the others - that will take some experimenting of course.
All the best to you in your new job!

I have worked 12-hour night shifts, 3d/week for approximately 10 years. Presently, retired. I never changed my pump settings during that time. I did eat my large meal before going to work. I always brought a light meal to eat half way through shift. Carried carbs in pocket if BS’s started to drop. Had access to orange juice, if needed quickly. Went back to day schedule on day offs. Rarely worked my 3 days in a row. Rather, worked two days with day off, than 1 day. On day offs, I got up earlier so it was easier to eat normally.


Thank you these were all helpful!

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