Working on ratios for RIley

I have been pushing past the omg my 10 year old is using to much insulin for her age issue I have and just adjusting her until well I get her under 150 at least. Less than a month ago her 7 day average was around 240 now its 171 14 day is 188 and her 30 day is 198. Since puberty really kicked in around June she has not had a 30 day average under 200. It was running closer to 300. My only saving grace was she never had ketones. She is having more and more days without seeing her BG over 200 which rocks but I know we are not there yet.

Right now I have her at

26 units of levemir each night

1:6 for breakfast

1:8 for lunch

1:10 for Dinner

On hormonal days which is 1-2 weeks out of the month

28 units of levemir

1:4 or 5 didnt get it dialed in last time but 6 wasnt enough for breakfast

1:8 lunch

and 1:10 for dinner.


Before all this she was 1:12 for every meal and on 25 units of levemir.


Its hard to figure her out. Some nights she drops 70 points over night and some nights 50 others like last night she staid pretty stable and the biggest drop was 20 but she was 150ish went up to 170ish dropped back to 150ish and held most of the night there.


Anyhow I am excited to see better numbers and wanted to share with you all.

I'm 13 and i take


37 units of Lantus

1:8 breakfast

1:9 Lunch

1:6 Dinner

Jessica, isn't there a CDE or a podiatrist/endo who can advise you how to properly increase Riley's dosages, so her highs will be much lower? I feel uncomfortable suggesting what changes I would try, because they would not work the same for Riley as they would for me. Have you tried the  levemir in the morning, with a booster dose in the evening?

My insulin:carb ratios are 1:5....1:7... and 1:6. That is because I am a T1 with insulin resistance. Riley's ratios are not that much different from mine, so I am wondering if she has some insulin resistance. That would require considerably more insulin.


There are adult endos here but most wont take pedi cases. Her primary doc is trying to find a endo who will see her here. I cant travel a hour away to get her to a endo. I think she does have some insulin resistance due to puberty. I know 28 units of levemir is to much for her when she isnt on a hormonal cycle. She drops way to much over night. I have not tried splitting the levemir or changing it to the mornings. If I can avoid giving her two injections of levemir I will. So far this is working well for her numbers and they are coming down. I still have adjustments to make with certain foods but over all I am happy because she is getting to be around 150 or less 3 hours after eating. It is going much better than before. I am going to keep at it and adjusting until I get it her needs just right.

Oh and after puberty her insulin needs should lessen again. Until or if she gets pregnant when she is 30 lol.

Puberty will make her insulin needs go up for sure!  You are doing great!  Small changes at a time and you will get where you need to be.  I hope there is a pedi endo somewhere for you, they are worth their weight in gold!  Until then, keep up the good work! 

Can she get more exercise? That might help reduce her insulin needs a bit. Even going for a walk around the block makes a difference

for my daughter. 

[quote user="Terry"]

Can she get more exercise? That might help reduce her insulin needs a bit. Even going for a walk around the block makes a difference

for my daughter. 


I wish but with my boys and my hubbies weekday work schedule it doesnt happen. Her weekends tend to be better just because she is more active in the house. She actually runs closer to 80 here on weekends and higher at school eating the same things and with the same insulin. Still all within range of each other tho.

Hey Jessica, congrats, it seems like you are slowly but surely getting in her into the right zone 

Thanks! I am really excited she has been between 80-120 all day well after her morning high from what I think is dawn phenomenon.