Working out!

I worked out for the first time since I've been diagnosed with diabetes (9 days ago). It went really really well, it felt great! Dropped my blood sugar levels significantly but it was a lot of fun and felt great. I stopped every 10 mins and tested my blood. I had to eat something during because I was low even if I had done less insulin that morning.

I'll be heading back tomorrow morning!

good for you! you'll get it figured out and eventually you won't have to stop your workout every 10 minutes. good luck, i hope tomorrow goes just as well!

Good for you! If you exercise as consistently as you can (I *try* to each day around 2 or 3 pm), you won't have to make any adjustments b/c it will be part of your insulin/carb schedule.

I've been low all day though. Eating so many carbs to stay at a decent level and yet I can't seem to stop going down. I injected less insulin all day, yet I've found myself in class twice today having to eat something and drink orange juice cause I was low... Is this normal? is it related to the exercise?

Exercise can do all kinds of different things to me... and it depends on what combination of factors I'm looking at.  Not just my blood sugar when I start, but when I last ate, WHAT I ate, how much insulin I still have on board from my last bolus, what type of exercise I'm doing, and for how long.  It's a tricky formula, and I'm still learning it.  You may want to try what I do - eat a combination of carbs (I do about 15 - 20 grams) and protein about a half hour before you start your workout - and don't bolus for it.  The protein will help you not burn through the carbs right away, and can help deter the lows later on.  A delayed effect on the post-workout lows is pretty common.

^^ what kim said

exercise can have an effect on your blood sugars all the way up to 48 hours after you've finished (and maybe even longer). especially if you plan on being consistent about working out (every day or close to it), you will noticed your insulin needs decreasing and your food needs increasing.

exercise like weight lifting will affect your blood sugars for a longer period of time, but won't make them fluctuate with big swings. while cardio exercises will affect your blood sugars for a shorter amount of time, but will have larger spikes/drops in your sugars.

keep at it and keep playing around with food/insulin. it's great you're already trying to figure it out. it might take awhile, and in the end it's still a bit of guess work. it will get easier for you!

Yes, my I figured out, and my doctors confirmed, that exercise can affect a person's blood sugar for 24 or more hours after you do whatever it is you do.  Just test a lot, carry a bunch to eat, and record everything.  You'll learn in no time.

awesome! seriously you guys are the best source of information. I'm seeing my doctor on Friday as well, so I will be sure to ask her. I'll take only a bit of insulin in the morning before my work out and I'll try having more protein with my breakfast. Hopefully it will make a difference. Also, I'm probably still honeymooning (I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago) which is complicating things a little, since I don't know when and how my pancreas will decide to work again and when it won't. 

after i workout, my sugars will be on the lower side for the rest of the day, or they will be normal, then drop right before i go to bed. do you have a pump? if you do, the temporary rate is sooo useful. i ate breakfast the other day, (took no insulin), put my temp. rate on 60% (which means im getting 60% of the basal that i should be getting) and i walked 6 miles. my sugar was fine for the rest of the day and the lowest it went was 95 right before dinner. the temp rates work wonders.

^^  This is totally true about the 24-48 hours... did my half-marathon on Sunday morning, and I'm still running low all the time.  It's kind of great, but kind of not.

Best of luck!