World Diabetes Day Events in NYC?

Are there any world diabetes day events in NYC?

This list of events on their website *sucks* (You can't search by city?? Lame!)

I was really hoping there was some big gathering type of event but google hasn't helped me find any of them. (Okay. I found one event but it's dancing themed and, for your safety, I won't be going to that.)

Oh, John!  Yes there is!  There is a Type 1 Talk event that is meeting up at the NYHS for the insulin exhibit.  They're getting a tour with the exhibit's curator, and everything!

I know who is organizing it, so if you're interested, I can put you in contact with her.

oo, you know I've already been (I enjoyed it) but getting a chance to listen to the curator would be really awesome! Yes please, is there a link or email?

Here are the list of Type 1 Talk events registered on the site currently (hopefully the link works):{"session_key":"2.czA8AW_QeYV9NtTfeABgJA__.3600.1289588400-17211658","uid":"17211658","expires":1289588400,"secret":"_E1djgQsKitzNuR3Ei1WJg__","access_token":"115535078476656|2.czA8AW_QeYV9NtTfeABgJA__.3600.1289588400-17211658|1q6zfnf0j_rNd-wVcn2dnTtXgX0","sig":"d96eef898ea7ebda00169849320385d4"}

Are you on Twitter?  Let me see if I can get her email.

Okay, I found out the NYHS event got moved to Saturday, as to not compete with another event (which, it looks like, is the dance event you previously mentioned).  Here's info about the Saturday event:

As for Sunday, those T1Talk events are probably your best bet!