World Diabetes Day!

For those of you who don’t know, today is World Diabetes Day! (Yeah, we get our own day; pretty cool, right?) I just want to wish everyone on this platform a happy WDD and thank y’all for being such a great community.
I also like to take this opportunity every year to think about the medical advances that I’m grateful for that make my life so much better! (Kinda like a T1D Thanksgiving, I guess.) It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative stuff about T1D, but it’s also important to acknowledge how lucky we are. This year I’m super grateful for my Dexcom g6 that allows me to play tennis and go about my school day without worrying so much about my blood sugar.
Share the T1D advances that you’re grateful for in the comments!


To echo what @bookwormnerd13 said, Happy World Diabetes Day! While (as most of you know) being diabetic sucks, it is great that there is such a knowledgeable, compassionate, and experienced community here. This has been such a good resource for reading everyone’s advice, tips, and experiences.
I am definitely most grateful for my Dexcom g6 as well. I got it a couple months after diagnosis and then switched to a compatible phone shortly after (so I didn’t have to carry the receiver). More recently, I added an apple watch to the lineup and the whole system has made school and sports so much easier while still allowing me to have great control (I just ran at the Missouri State Cross Country Championship last weekend and got 36th out of 170 runners (5k time of 16:54) and I credit the dexcom with making training a lot easier).

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