Worried about a1c!

I have the appt to get my blood drawn for my a1c in 2 weeks. I've been in great control lately since going back on a CGM. But, the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare. Last week, I drove 5 hours down to NC and back, and sitting for so long always screws me up. It takes SO much insulin to get me down and then I eventually crash (usually followed by a rebound, lol). Then, this week I felt like I was getting a cold. So, I used emergen-C which always helps me fight off a cold, but also shoots my BG's up. Then, this coming week, I'm flying down to FL, so that should mess up my control -- sitting on a plane, change of schedule, lots of eating out, etc.

Normally, I'd chalk it up to a short-term situation and not care. But, I recently changed endos and this is only her 2nd visit/a1c with me. So, I'm freaking out. While I ideally wouldn't care what she thinks, in reality, I know endos make get an impression of your control and then kind of sterotype how much they can trust you. At my first visit, she said she'd let me come every 6 months instead of 3, but only if my numbers were good. Of course, I can make appts whenever I want to, but I just want to start off on a good note w/ her.

Have you noticed how much some highs the month before an a1c affect the overall number? What do you think I should say to the doc if she doesn't like the results? I want to explain what happened w/o sounding defensive.

Thanks guys and sorry for the novel! Hopefully you all will calm me down here. (;