Worried about late-night lows

I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and the last three nights I've been taking the same amount of NPH as normal but I've been waking up sweaty and shaky from low blood sugars. I'm really worried that the placenta is breaking down or something and that I'm retaining insulin for my body and it's not getting to my baby or something! Does that even make sense? I had a non-stress test yesterday and they said the baby looked fine, so if there was a problem it would show up on the test, right?

I've been hoping to go into labor naturally or wait till 40 weeks to induce as long as no problems are detected, but obviously I want her out right now if there's any danger to her!

Call your doctor to get his/her advice.  

Are you having unexpected highs later in the morning?  The baby physically takes up a lot of space and can delay digestion.  

Think it's more likely that you're just having hormone changes or maybe eating less than usual, now that baby is big and you can't eat big meals.

With your doctor's advice, consider cutting back your NPH a bit.  Also eat a bedtime snack with protein and make sure to get up and check blood sugar about an hour before you've been waking up low.  

KatherineW... so exciting that you are 38 weeks along!! I am 33 weeks and the last few days have started getting some lows too... I have tried to take more walks so maybe that is it, or maybe my carb counting is off? I don't think insulin passes the placenta. The baby should be making its own. If the placenta isn't function as well that could affect insulin resistance, but I think that fact that you had a normal NST is very reassuring! Did they check your fluid on an ultrasound as well? If they did maybe the looked at the placenta at the same time? As jennagrant said, I would check in with your doctors about lowering your NPH.

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!

Thanks, ladies. I talked to the midwife and she said insulin needs can start decreasing even before delivery without there being a problem. And I think rishmack is right- insulin doesn't cross the placenta. I lowered by NPH about 25% last night which seemed to do the trick.

I've continued to feel the baby roll around in there (although she doesn't have much room to kick anymore!) so that's always reassuring. I haven't gotten an ultrasound since 35 weeks, but I'm thinking of requesting another one at my next appt. because they want to induce me on Friday, but I'd like to go another week if she's doing okay.

I'm scheduled to get once weekly NSTs but I'd like to go in Monday for an extra one- I don't think anyone will care and the insurance should cover it, right? Just to help reassure me, or maybe to potentially find a problem.