Worried all the time!

So I am expecting and 7 weeks along. I am very lucky that we planned this pregnancy, and my A1c was a 5.9 prior to conception. but I need some serious help. I have a Medtronic insulin pump and CGM. I am feeling like I can eat a whole lot with out my blood sugar spiking. Booo!!! I am curious what to eat??? I try to fit all kinds of protien and fat into my means to help but somehow I still end up spiking. I am trying to be excited about my pregnancy but I am finding my self more worried about what I can eat and what my blood sugar is doing.. I need help please! Thanks!

How high are you spiking? How high are you an hour and two hours after eating? Even if you spike, if you're back to 120 or less two hours after, you should be more than fine. You obviously have been taking great care of yourself if you had 5.9 A1C at conception, so great job on that!

Your insulin needs will go up during pregnancy, so you may just need more insulin prescribed or a different kind. Be sure to voice all your concerns to your endo.

Try not to be worried, and just trust that since you are doing your best, your baby will turn out great. I was so worried at the beginning of my pregnancy that my baby would be sick, deformed, etc. because I had a 7.6 A1C at her conception, and then she ended up perfect. So try to reassure yourself, and listen to people to reassure you also. You'll do great, and your baby will be amazing! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Thanks Katherine. I have been blessed that right now I am just battleing lows and not so much highs anymore. I feel like its a learning experience with each new thing you do, from getting up and going to the early zumba to finding new foods to not get bored. The only issue I have is wanting sweets like no body's business.

I am going to have to make a list of my questions for my endo, i always forget them when i go.

Thanks for you encouraging words, I definetly need those every now and then.

Just try to carb count carefully and be ready to adjust insulin up or down to deal with pregnancy changes.  When I was pregnant a dietician recommended having the same breakfast every day to make it easier to see if blood sugars were higher or lower than usual.  

There's no reason to avoid sweets as long as your carb count for them.  I loved mint chocolate chip ice cream when I was pregnant and had a cone almost every day.  Had fine blood sugars and a healthy baby.  

Thanks Jenna, glad to know that I can still have a little goodness. Thought I may go crazy if I cant have a little something awesome every now and then.

HI Keara, I just had a healthy baby boy in November. I have been type 1 since I was 8 and I'm on the mini med pump. I started spiking early in pregnancy and again in the 3rd trimester. You become more insulin resistent in the last few months. Are you currently using your dual bolus option? It really helped me to take some isulin before and then time the rest out. Depending on the food that I ate I would set it to blus for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Things like McDonalds with higher fat that takes a while to break down needed a longer time and things with higher glycemic indexs like rice and some pastas also needed a longer time to deliver. My educator also changed a lot of my settings that helped. I went from a carb ratio of 1:8 to 1:4 and the insulin delivery time (you know - the one that affects how long the pump thinks the isulin is still working for you) was changed from 6 to 4. ( By the end of my pregnancy I was taking almost 3 times my normal insulin amount. And I wasn't eating a lot - I only gained 26 pounds. My educator had to swiitch me from my old Paradigm infusion set to the mio because we couldn't find enough fat for the set to go in once my tummy got tight. ) Anyways, I kept my A1c at 6.1 and everything was fine. I had to be induced 3 weeks early but I had a healthy 5.10 oz baby boy. Did you know that most type 1s who have good control and keep a good weight during their pregnancy actually have smaller babies? You always hear people talking about diabetics having bigger babies but that is actually for type 2 and gestational. Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions. I just went through it all!!

Hi Hailey, Congratulations on the new baby! I haven't used a dual wave bolus, probably because I have never really been educated on them. I will have to ask when I go to my next appt. I am really excited I have my next A1c next week. I am crazy psyched to see what it is. I am actually switching to a perinatologist this week that is a couple of hours away, but atleast we can be prepared for anything. Thanks for the awesome insight!

Thanks. It's easy. Under bolus go to dual bolus. If your taking 12 units for example take 6 now then set the timer for 30 min or 1 hour then it will give you the remaining insulin.  I saw a peri every six weeks for a thorough check up but he said I wasnt high risk enough to see him for everything. I liked him alot. He was at Lutheran General in Park Ridge.  Are you close to  Elmhurst or Chicago? Towards the end  you usually have to do NSTs once or twice a week so I hope you have some place close you can go for that. You should also get a lot of ultra sounds(3-4) most girls only get 1.