Worrying about my set kinking off at the end

so i just got my insulin pump started yesterday and durring the whole class they were talking about the end of the cannula kinking. is this something i need to worry about all the time? like right now i'm worried that every time i move i am going to kink it or pull it out. ay advise?

You don't have to worry about it all the time. Just be aware that it is something that can happen. It has happened twice to my son's pump in two years of pumping. There are lots of little details regarding the pump. It seems that experience is the best teacher. My son LOVES pumping. It does give better control and it is easier to eat between meals etc... Good luck with it. I hope that you like it as well as my son does.

It's rarely happened to me. However, when I started pumping, I was instructed (wrongly) to insert the set in my abdomen while sitting, and this was bad because the set went in, then I would stand up and the end would crunch because my tummy fat wasn't there anymore when I stood. I got like 3 no deliveries in the first 2 weeks and I got really frustrated, so my parents called Minimed and they said I should be standing up when inserting. I started the pump almost 3 years ago and since then I've had a few failed sites (not "no delivery"s but just highs after inserting a new site) but I think they were because I hit blood vessels.

Moral of the story-- if you are using a typical tubing-type pump (I use the Minimed Paradigm) you may want to make sure you're inserting properly.

But you don't have to worry about it kinking whenever you move. Or sleep. And it won't pull out. You can actually let your pump dangle from the tubing and the site won't come off. Don't let your pump fall though because when it drops it yanks which hurts, but it still won't pull the site out.

Good luck!