Worst Diabetic Crime youve EVER commited

ok, well I've done my share of mistakes, like eating and not taking my shot, etc.. and hav had fits where id take my shot but be determined not too eat ( dont do it, I've learned from my mistakes) But the worst thing I've ever done scares me, because I couldnt have prevented it. I recently got the pump and the pump was the main thing in this crime

I had the pump for about.. 3 or so days, maybe 2... either wa I was still getting cllas daily from my nurse to check up on me for the pump. and I had quite a few emotional issues of having the thing stuck on me. I guess this feeling reached into my subconsiou, cause I fell aseep on the couch, and sometime during the night I woke up ( sleep walking.. so I wasnt really awake.) and disconnected the pump from my body, then put it on the table and wnet to my room. I woke up the next day with my mom asking me where my pump was, we searched for 1/2 an hour.. When I found it I couldnt figure out what happened, but then we realized that I was slepwalking and did it.. when the nurse heard this she was concerned. I have NEVER sleep walked before soo this is kind of scary to have happened. my lvls were off but not super high. ongly 25 or something near. but for almost a week after I was scared if I slept I'd do the same thing..

Not trying to scare any of you, but it did happen, and its scary to think that I could have killed myself subconciously...

whats the worst you've done?



i always take my shots and everything, but i love icees. they are packed full of sugar and bad stuff but every once in a while with some insulin and extra exercise, i like to have one.

     I disconnected my pump in my sleep once, too.  It was a good thing though.  My blood sugar had gotted really incredibly low, because I had just begun using the pump.  On that night in particular, there was still a bit of Lantus is my system; so, as a result, my blood sugar dropped drastically.  At this point, I guess my body's natural self defense mechanisms kicked in a little.  I'm so relieved that they did.  I woulda been in a lot more trouble otherwise.  Maybe that happened with you. 

does drinking juice when you have normal blood sugars count and bolusing for it? i think that was the worst i did

I disconnected when I was sleeping once! I found my pump under my bed. Apparently I had disconnected and then it fell and rolled to its hideaway...

I woke up pretty sick.

I've had quite a few scares, but they were due to a pump that was constantly malfunctioning. It is so scary to think that something that is supposed to be keeping you healthy is broken. I have a new Ping sitting in my living room, but I haven't started with it yet. I still have to go through all the new training, etc.

went a day and a night with my pump on suspend! oops

Driving Under Insulin

The worst thing I have ever done to myself was when I neglected to take care of myself for a little over three weeks back in 2000.  I did not take my blood sugar, barely ate or slept, and only took shots of Regular insulin when I could feel my sugar was so high I was about to be sick. I was just really depressed over some news I had received. I had never done anything like that before and I haven't since.

does your infusion set falling out count?  and not realizing it until hours after you woke up and ate some stuff and only realizing you werent connected by accident?

yes Coutney :P

wow. lol preety bad stuff we've done ... Im glad Im not the only one who makes these major mistakes :p. and yeah getting depressed sucks... Thats why I stopped watching depreseme street

I went through a period of time in middle school where I would lie to my parents about my blood sugars almost every time they asked. I was still at that point where they would ask me every day how my BS was. I was running high a lot and didn't want to tell my parents because I felt that they were disappointed in me whenever my numbers were bad. My A1c started to rise, all the way up to a 9.3, which was when my parents realized that the blood sugars I had been telling them weren't matching up to what my A1c was.

They ended up going through the memory on my meter when I wasn't home at one point, and then they confronted me. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think I was just in my bedroom or something for a while, and when I came out, they had my meter in front of them, and that's when I realized that they had found out. We had a long discussion about that, which consisted mostly of them talking and me listening and trying not to say much at all. (I don't show my emotions or share my thoughts unless I really need to get something out.)

I felt really guilty after that, and I haven't done it since. I got my A1c down to 6.3 within a year after that incident, and I've kept it under 7 since then (except one 7.2).

I tested while driving the other day.  The whole time I was thinking, "I probably should not be doing this." 

wow sarah, your such a goody goody :P, lol I wish I had those lvls. My average is over 10. acctualy last i checked i think iwas an 18.3 or something, and then i ate cream puffs :D. lol, Not the healthiest diabetic out there,but Im working on it... slowly..


I never even told my wife this.  I doubt I really have anonymity anyway.  About fifteen years ago, I drove a school bus full of summer camp kids home from camp on a really low blood sugar.  I blacked out.  According to the other counselor, I was driving over curbs and the kids were screaming "I'm scared." Etc.  The other counselor had me lie down on the bus seat and drove the kids home.  I remmeber waking up when she was parking back at the YMCA.  Nobody was ever hurt, but I am still petrified when I recall that day.  I should have carried sugar stuff.

After diagnosis, when i was not serious about controlling my levels, i used to sneak on chocolates and desserts when no one was around.  At the time, I was not ready to accept that i have diabetes. But later, everything got ok. no more sneaking on chocolates or dessserts.

I have been guilty of guessing what I thought my BS was instead of testing because I was too busy at work to stop and do it. (I am a nurse so yes I know better!)

I once took eleven units of insulin (about a day's worth at the time) to cover all these treats at my aunt's baby shower. I had to hurry back to school and on the way, I spilled about eight units worth of food all over the ground! I was basically at school but all the vending machines were off. I didn't have enough candy in my stash to cover it so I had to wander around until I could find food. :)

I feel like a really bad diabetic because all of your stories arent that bad compared to mine. I have made my blood sugars high on purpose but I guess that is the eating disorder, not me. Its not like I was trying to be bad, eating disorders are complicated. I drive and test all the time. I give shots in the car too. I have other stories but can't think of them now...

This is not really a Crime so much as a mistake I have made.   I have done this 3 times in my diabetic history.  I accidentally took my fast acting insulin instead of Lantus!  What a nightmare!  In 2 of the 3 cases I realized it right away and started eating sweets and drinking juice... But one time I didn't realize it until I was already going low and every time I corrected I would just go low again.  Every single time it was late at night too when I just wanted to go to bed, but I couldn't because I had to stay up half the night to keep testing!  Has anyone else made this mistake?  Now I keep my fast acting insulin in a squishy round fluorescent case and my Lantus in a white, hard square case to alert me to the difference even when I am tired and barely paying attention...