Worst Diabetic Moment

What has been your worst experience as a diabetic up to this point in your life?

finding out i had it?! tough one?! haha. or.. well, most of my friends are pretty good with needles and stuff. but there's 4 of them that HATE them a lot.. like they flinch everytime i have one. so this one time we were on our way home.. and i was in the passenger seat.. and all 4 of them were with me.. and i started having one.. and the driver pulled over and made me get out to have it :( i was so humiliated..

I'm sure a lot of the responses will be with regards to diabetic reactions. I don't think I could reliably say though that those moments, as terrifying as they were, would be the absolute worst experiences I've ever had. (Especially because I'm not sure if I can remember them well enough to compare. Short term memory loss is frequent even at conscious low blood sugar reactions.)

I'd have to say my worst experience was, as a youth, going to the diabetic clinic. For two reasons.

1. Taking. Blood. I used to be terrified of needles. Even worse, needles used to take blood from my arm. I've gotten over it now, and I take it like a champ (although I still can't look at the vial), but I kicked and screamed like crazy back when I used to have it done when I was a toddler and a good while afterward.

2. Dealing with dieticians. I've had no end of issues with this, namely because most of the dieticians I've been to have had a very rigid concept of diabetes. When they aren't telling me what I can't eat, they're telling me how I need to live my life differently in order to be healthy. I've had more problems with ignorance in dieticians than I have with my entire history of schooling and friendships combined.