WORST Diabetic Soundtrack

OK, so the Diabetic Soundtracks post got a ton of responses. But, listening to the radio tonight, I heard "Lesson in Leavin" (various artists have redone it), which goes like this:
Somebodys gonna give you a lesson
in losin
Somebodys gonna do to you what youve been doin
And I hope that Im around
To watch em
knock you down
Somebodys gonna give you a lesson in hurtin
Somebodys gonna leave you with your fire burnin
And no way to put it out
Baby there aint no doubt
Youre a fool-hearted man

Although it's a song about cheating :), it reminded me about wishing diabetes on someone. And precisely how I'd never wish it on anyone.

I'm excited to hear what you all think is the WORST Diabetic Soundtrack :)

Not sure if this is worst or best... but "Wish I May" by Ani Difranco.

"have you ever had a dream
where you open your mouth and you try to scream
but you can't make a sound?
that's every day starting now
that's every day starting now
don't tell me it's gonna be alright
you can't sell me on your optimism tonight..."


"i don't think i am strong enough
to do this much longer
god i wish i was stronger."


I listen to this song when i'm really frustrated - usually when i've been in the 50s for hours and can't seem to come back up. And it's not a great message, but it describes how i feel really well.

i think i missed something....diabetic soundtrack???

I think the one that like is kind of bad is I Hate This Part. I know some people might think I'm crazy. But it kind of gets me. It kind of describes the way I feel about diabetes. I mean the whole I can't take it any longer part. I can so relate to that! I definatly can't take it any longer. I can't wait till they find a cure! I think the best diabetic soundtrack would have to be Little Bit Longer. That song get's me every time! Even though I don't like the Jonas brothers that much.