Worst Food For us T1's

SOoooooooooo.... my husband really likes cinnamon buns... and I love making them for him... but they are absolutely the worst food for me to have... Ever!!... i know ... take more insulin... but man do these things do a number on my body... eek... soooo bad for my blood sugars...

anyone else have a particular food item that they just really shouldnt ever have?

Pasta, pizza, mac -n-cheese worst ever!!!!  Major spikes hours after consumption.  Accorording to my T1 son,  feeling horrible after eating these types of foods, so much so,  that he gags at the thought of eating anything in this food group.  Avoid at all cost.  Not worth it.  Makes it that much more desireable though..... right?  OY!


Frosted Flakes and any kind of sherbert, gotta love it, but they're just high blood sugars staring in your face. haha

and my sugars are actually really good after eating pasta, mac and cheese, and pizza.

We are still learning. Dani (my daughter 12) loves Tim Hortons ice caps. We just figured out her ratio so today will be the 1st time she's had one in 3 weeks (diagnosised 3weeks ago today!) .

pizza and pastas!

Pizza I finally figured out. French fries still confuse me, so I tend to not eat them anymore.

My Sons foods that send him though the roof!  Pizza and Captain Crunch.

     I love pizza, but it is an absolute nightmare for my blood sugar.

a packeged cinamon bun mix thing from costco! i had lows everytime after i ate them!

With the dual wave bolus on my pump I can now tackle the pizza and alfredo of the world, but I still CANNOT manage mexican or chinese!!!

Pizza is my enemy  : (  When eating it I have to use moderation because it makes me way too high.

For my son, it's Pop Tarts. 

     I forgot all about the Chinese food.  I can't get that figured out to save my life, and that's no exaggeration.  I avoid it for the most part, but when I do have it I end up doing a lot of correction boluses.

I totally agree! Pop Tarts mess up my bs too!

Cereal is my biggest weakness!! The milk and the cereal taste so awesome!!! they send my bs so HIGH!!!AWW anything el;se is really fine

my t1 hubby LOVES cereal!!  it's seems to be the milk b/c we switched to soy and SOOOOO much better (not the same as milk...but milk is not work BG's over 250!!   And then there's anything if he can't count it right -like at restaurants... =(  But, just trying to avoid carbs and breaded things when eating out.


I'm fine with pasta, knock on wood. Hope it stays that way. Since pasta is a main food group for me.

Pizza my favorite food is by far the worst for me.


Survey says......



pizza hates Diabetics    i feel my blood sugar skyrocketing just looking at the box when it arrives.

Chinese is the worst! Even if I look up the nutrition facts, I can still never get it right! Argh!

I seem to have no problem with pizza. It doesn't make my BS spike like most of you out there. Hmmm...

Oh, well. I guess that means more pizza for me! (=