Would you give up your coffee/latte today for a cure?

Hello there,

My name is Pauline and I am a mother of a 8 y/o boy (Knicko) diagnosed with T1 for over two years now. I am writing you today because I would like to appeal to everyone about giving up a cup of coffee and donate any  amount to my team through JDRF. I will be taking part and will be walking with my team KNICKO RULES! and thousands more on Sept 26, 2010 at the GM Tech Center in Warren Michigan. As members of Juvenation, I appeal to everyone to take part and be our "silent walker" and help us raise funds to help find a cure to this deceiving illness. In my heart I know that "a cure is out there within reach", all we have to do is not lose hope and support JDRF in what ever ways we can. If all of us gives up a little something; with prayers and support, our precious love one's with Type 1 will soon be free from this lifelong disease.

Please find it in your heart to donate, not only you will be making a real difference in helping find a cure that will help the lives of millions... you will also be making a step towards a better future to our children...a life without the devastating complications of diabetes.

Have you gave up your coffee today?

Thank you very much and God bless,

Pauline R. Mojica

Pls check out our team link to donate today!


You can also write a check to JDRF and send it this address:

Team: Knicko Rules!

2522 Lincoln dr.  Warren MI 48092

Let's make things happen!!!

yea i will give it up for a cute.

Hey, my niece's last name is Mojica!  Btw, can I have a do-over tomorrow?  By the time I saw this post, I already had 2 cups of joe. 

Good luck!

@ eric and scrappydy .. thanks in advance. Don't forget to donate those coffee bucks to my team! God Bless

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that I did already.  I'm "Melody".

Thanks for making a difference :) My son and I really appreciate it. God Bless!

Best of Luck on your goal!  Thank you for walking and to all who donated!  We are working on achieving our fundraising goal for the JDRF ride to the Cure here as well.  HUGS!

@ kcbscrapper....Thanks and good luck in achieving your goal too!