Would You Keep a Cure?

I've got an interesting spin on all that 'cure' talk for everyone:
If you had the cure for juvenile diabetes but could only give it to one person, would you keep it for yourself or give it to someone else? Why?

I think I'd give it away.
It's similar to how I feel about the possibility of my family being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I know I can handle it, I have for almost 4 years and I am confident that I can continue to do so. I'd rather ensure that someone else not have to continue dealing with this oppose to me.

But I'm curious what you think.

That is a crazy question and one that is hard to even think of. I mean because it is only a possibility I would like to say that I would hand the cure on to someone else who needs it more. Like you Alyssa, I have dealt with this for so long that sometimes I don't think about it. However for someone either newly diagnosed or has major issues I would like to think I would give it to them.

However, if that situation ever actually came up, I think it would be harder to decide, again I would like to think I would pass it on to someone more in need, but in all reality I can't be certain.

I would give it to my best friend, Maggie. she was diagnosed more recently than i was, and she has troubles going low all the time. Or i would give it to my piano teacher's sister's daughter. she is young, and can't give herself a shot. her parents have to come to her school at lunch to shoot her up, lol. I can also take care of myself very well, even though ive only been diagnosed a little more than a year.

God Bless :D

i babysit a lil girl who has diabetes and i think i would give it to her. shes 5 years old and she was just dignosed last year and its hard at that age. so i think id give it to her =] i would love to have a cure but i think because i was dignosed at a older age i can handle it for years but shes just 5 and i couldn't stand being that age and taking insulin from a shot.

My wife would kill me if I didn't take it for myself.  :)

Crumbs. That's a good point.
I'd feel really guilty if I gave it away not because I wasn't getting it, but because I'd feel I was taking something away from my friends/family by not curing it.
OK, revised answer: I hope when they get a cure, there's more than 1 :) (or at least they don't ask me to choose who to give it to)

Yeah, I agree.  As long as we're in fantasy land - CURES FOR EVERYONE!  Haha.

I dont want to sound selfish or anything but I would probably keep it for myself lol

I dont really know anyone else with diabetes to give it to anyways..

Plus I dont think my mom or best friend would be too happy if I gave up the chance to be cured.. =P

This is a really tough question. On one hand I would want to give it away to a kid somewhere because why should they have to deal with this for there whole life and on the other hand I think why wouldn't I want a cure for myself? My parents and family would think I was a real idiot if I didn't but of course I would want to give it to someone else because that is just how I am.

Diabetes is now part of who I am, so I wouldn't mind giving it up, I'm dealing and I can get along with it so it would be better for someone else who just got it.