Would you take it again?

If you were given the opportunity to start life over and given the the choice to:   

A: take diabetes on again so someone else in the world wouldnt have to have it


B: say "no" i dont want it. I know what it felt like and I wont go through it again. i want to live a regular life

A A A A. A million times A, especially if it got someone else out of it.

Very, very nice spin on the question, Wolf.

A is my answer

great question, wolf.

typically, i try to avoid thinking about these questions just because i could go on for hours doing the "what ifs" to myself. even though i was 5 when i was diagnosed, i realize how vastly different my life would be.

i guess, knowing what it's like to live with diabetes, i would take it over again--even though i hate it. if it meant someone else didn't have to, i'd be willing to keep it. even though i complain all the time, i understand there are waaay worse illnesses i could have to deal with. i've tried to live my life without letting diabetes dictate what i should do (though i will admit i'm not always successful). it would make me feel good to know i "protected" someone else. if they don't have to deal with it, might as well keep them as far from it as possible.

I would choose B.
I would choose B, because you stated that I would live a "regular" life, there was no mention of any other parties involved in option B. So if I choose B, I am well, ( if there are no other parties involved)  there is no one else to be unwell :)

I also choose B because I do not like the idea of choosing someone else's destiny for them. I f I chose A, maybe the person who was going to get T1 Diabetes would have been the one to cure diabetes some day, but by me stopping this they never developed an interest. Other people's fate is not for me to decide :)


If it can save someone else the trouble of having it, then I would definitley go for A.

High blood sugars can be a pain. I've been running high the last two days no matter what I do.  Every BG test is 220 something.  Luckily I woke up today at 109, so I hope that means the adjustments I made to my pump are working out.  My usual thing I do when I get a random high blood sugar like that is to take some insulin, and start drinking water, or a beer + water, to help me relax and just wait it out.  Sometimes I will also take a short walk or something just to get some exercise.

A. i feel i have already learned everything i possibally could out of my 10 years i feel no one else in this world needs to go through the trama that we go thought to attempt normalcy

A. I'd take it on again, only in a time line 6 years form now and get on an awesome program or drug that will keep my total onset permanently delayed. I mean... that is if I managed to roll a 20 and get my way. I can't give this disease to some other child, that and I'll be a chaotic good half-elf barbarian.

Well i suppose its time for my answer.

A:    definately. I tell my friends and family all the time that i got diabetes so that they didnt have to  have it. It is a terrible annoying disease. But controllable if you are willing to control it and not let it control you. Some people just dont have it in them to handle the pressure and sickness. Most of us here have adapted and shown the world that we are strong in mind and spirit and nothing will hold us down. We can handle it right?

stilledlife -

I can imagine a dice-based roleplaying diabetes game. That's really what it's all about - you roll a 20, your BS stays 110 all day, and your A1c is 5.6 with no lows! You role a 5, you rapid cycle from low to high. You role a 1, critical fail, you simultaneously go into DKA and have a seizure from hypo.
It's the next wave in diabetes education - Dungeons and Diabetes.


haha ajax! i played my first dice based game a few months ago and had a blast. it took me about an hour to get the hang of it, but i loved it after that!