WOW! Suddenly not so alone! YAY

Hi everyone, my name is Ren and I am a mummy with a dynamic little 3 year old daughter, Chiara Dior .

Kikki Dee as she is known,  has been type 1 diabetic for one year now. What a road that has been! You can check out our story here if you like xx (I know time is precious xx )




There is an uncomfortable comfort (not that that makes sense)  knowing that there is this brilliant place here where we all get it! the daily, hourly struggles. The hardship, pain, successes and triumph all at the same time! Like most of you i am sure there are great days and not so. 

Since day one we have been actively raising money ... We want a new pancreas!! Here's hoping hey!

Until then Chiara and I continue to raise money through JDRF Australia and our facebook page La Petite Princesse. We are currently holding a comp... giving away a table full of hair accessories in exchange for a little donation from our fans! We are trying everything we can to help cure this life changing illness for everyone!

 If you know anyone who may be interesetd... please feel free to invite them over to our page... the more the merrier!

Anyway... i hopw you all have a very "level day". Look forward to touching base with you all and meeting some new faces to learn what might be on the road ahead for us as our little babe grows older xx

Lots of Love, and hope to meet you soon 

Ren, Chiaras very protective mummy!


welcome to our little group of people :o) we're thrilled to have you here with us.