Riley is on my iTouch and she googled insulin pumps. I am getting more and more impressed with her each passing day. Sadly she wants one in every color lol.

Very cool!  Which pump do you think you will get?  When do you think they will let her?  I have heard some Dr.s wait a year.  Mine starts you right away which, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

The people from the hospital said 6-12 months our primary doc said 3. I want to wait until after next summer at least to make sure she can do her own injections just in case the pump fails. I want her to know how to take care of herself this way first.  I have not even researched them yet. At first she would scream at me if I even said pump.

lol color. that is great!

good news, you can buy "skins' to put on your pump to personalize and color them! I'm going to be picking some up soon myself.


She was looking at those with me the other day. It was the first time she didnt scream at me for saying the word pump.

at first i was just like your daughter, i hated the thought of getting a pump, having to wear it etc. Don't push if shes not ready, but i became A LOT more independend when i got my pump, i dont do the insertions etc. but i can count carbs and bolus. :) I recently went on my first sleepover too without a diabetic person.. my friends older bro had t1 as well so i was alowed to go there, but now i'm pretty much allowed to finally go, and im 14!! ... hahaa. 

Iflat out refused to think about the pump for about three years before someone finally said the right words to me and I signed up.  I believe the words were, "It might prevent some of these lows." I've had lows since, but the sense of control it gave me was WONDERFUL!

Yeah she has had a few lows and I want them gone. She told me maybe in a year or two. Right now I am working on injection locations. She can have one in the arm per day but has to pick a different place for the other injection. Its working pretty good. Well kinda the first one I gave her on her thigh I messed up cause I was nervous. I did her butt last night and I did fine but it was WAY different than the arm or leg for that matter. I can very well never give her one in the butt again and be just fine lol. I didnt let her know tho. She says they hurt worse then complains she cant walk after. I am not sure how much is really hurting her and how much is just playing it up.

I was diagnoed May 17th, I got my pump May 16th of the next year. I LOVE my pump and feel naked when I have to take it off for one reason or another.

color - what I did was I matched all of my essintiles that I keep with my at all times;
My pump, my cell phone, my glasses - everything is purple