Written after a low

This was written after my first low.....nowhere near my best work, but that's ok.

Who are you?
And why are you here?
Why are we both
In this unearthly sphere?

Are we home?
Or are we dead?
I'm sliding in
And out of my head.

I hear their voices,
Calling me.
Can't they tell?
I want to be free.

Leave me alone!
I just want to rest.
Was it Your decision
To give me this test?

It was You who decided
To put me on earth-
I don't understand
Why t'was me she birth'd

Was I always rebellious?
I just want to yell.
I'm alone and afraid-
Afraid of going to Hell.

Twice You let me live,
Why can't I learn?
To obey You in all -
And then I won't burn

Ah!  Foolish man that I am!
I stumble and fall
You catch me once more,
I get up when you call

But I forget again,
I lose my path.
You're put on the shelf,
Right next to my math

Then the sky falls
And I'm screaming for You
I clean off the dust
Now you look like new

You look into me
Tell me what's in my soul?
I need to know now,
Am I out of control?

Can you teach me-
This block of clay?
I need you to mold me
The proper way

To be like You
More and more
It's what my heart
Is longing for

So hold me,
And dry my tears.
Talk to me and
Calm my fears

Help me in Your ways,
I'm only flesh and blood!
I make mistakes but,
Consume me in Your flood.

Thats pretty good, though I would change Math to Rath, it might sound better.

nice work, mikaela! we have a poetry group if you're interested in joining.

Thanks for your input y'all......I'll think I'll go look up the poetry corner :)

I really enjoyed that as well. It was really good.