Wrong carb count on packaging

I saw a new product at the store today and it has a potentially dangerous error on the nutrition labeling. The serving size was 76 grams but it said that there were 108 grams of carbohydrates per serving. 

Someone could make a bad mistake with insulin with this error. 

How do you know this is an error? 76 grams is a measurement of weight (about 2.5-3 oz), were as 108 grams is a measurement of energy. How many calories are listed on the package?

The total weight of the carbohydrates in a serving can't be more grams than the total weight of the serving.

I don't remember the calories. I do remember the protein was 17 grams and the carbs were 108. These two alone add up to 125 grams. Not possible. The water, fat, protein and carbs should add up to the total serving weight.