Wrong readings?

I was wondering if anyone has ever had a Dexcom G6 sensor replaced due to false readings?

Yesterday around 7 pm my sister put her sensor on and throughout the night the sensor has been giving incorrect readings. First it would say her glucose was rising very fast, then it would say her glucose was falling extremely fast, etc. Throughout the night her glucose has been like a roller coaster. Hi, low, high, low. Plus, in one of the readings it said that her glucose was at 43 and when we checked it it was actually at 179 so we know for sure that the sensor is not working or giving correct readings. Hopefully the sensor will start working within the next few hours. If not, has anyone ever had an experience calling Dexcom because of this? And do they replace the sensors when this happens? We have never experienced this before, she’s had sensor errors before but not something like this.

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@arodric5002 If your sister was laying on the sensor, it tends to read low. This is called “compression low” because you are squishing out the fluid under your skin that the CGM reads. It comes back once you are up and around. A CGM is a sensitive device so of course they can malfunction, break, die early, or be just plain wrong. Call DEX they send you a new one. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Alexa @arodric5002 , this is an issue that you should report to Dexcom; have all data at hand before calling. Do keep in mind, that Dexcom literature tells us that we can expect to receive incorrect readings during the first 24 hours of sensor usage; those words are not direct quote, but rather my interpretative.

As @Joe said, the sudden drop [the 43 mg/dl reading] could be a Compression Low. Un addition to that, some ‘way-off’ readings could be attributed to your sister’s body - such as if she might be dehydrated. Proper hydration is a major component for good sensor readings especially when the body is at rest.

Thanks I did not know about that!

Thanks! Great information!

For what it’s worth, my daughter has used dex G5 then G6 since 2017. The first few hours can be off, and we rely on finger sticks with meter. But anything longer than 6 hours once G6 is up and running (2 hr warmup), not normal. And a sensor CAN be faulty. Even if it doesn’t send an error sensor failed message.

Our protocol in this case is I get on the phone with DEXCOM, they look at her readings, I let them know what her fingersticks report, and they will send me a new sensor. In the meantime, We use another sensor. DEXCOM is very good about replacing sensors and, should you ever have a transmitter fail error, get on the phone with them immediately because there’s nothing you can do if your transmitter fails on boot up. In 3 1/2 years, we’ve had two transmitters fail out of the box. They are very proactive and if you are in dire straits, they will overnight it to you. We always have at least one transmitter on standby in the event of an emergency so to speak.

My best to your sister. Take care.

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Thanks for the information. It has been a few days and her sensor has been terribly failing. Still gives wrong readings, or has a sensor error but they typically never last three hours. We let a few days pass by, but the sensor didn’t get better. So we are definitely calling for a replacement. Best of luck to your daughter as well! Stay safe :sparkles::sparkles:

My best to you and yours as well. Stay safe and take care.

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