to though of you that care i have two things i jst dont kno wat to think about i am about to have surgery on all the tendons in my knee and like no one cares my parents arnt comin i dont have a gf and all my friends are like so and im really confused about that. One other thing is i have a weekend off coming up and idk wat to do again no gf friends have there own priorities and im lost in a way i have constant depression tht i cant get out of i kinda feel alone rite now  

Fred...you are not ALONE!  You are just going through a rough time right now.  Why do you think no one cares about your surgery?  Do they think it's not big deal, about what you are having done?  You don't need a girl friend.....I think your friends just probably have a lot of things going on in their lives too.  You will find that once you are out of high school, things can change.  Some are good changes, some are sad changes.  You start to see who your true friends really are.  You are going to college in the fall....look at that as a new beginning for you!  Take the time you have off this weekend to do something that you enjoy doing!  Maybe try talking to your parents and telling them how you feel??  Just a suggestion...I know how parents can be.  Just remember you are not alone!  I am dealing with depression issues myself and it's not easy.....You have the support of all of your friends on Juvenation!  Keep Smiling:)

Fred, you are not alone. I've struggled with depression quite a bit for many, many years. It's very tough to pull yourself out of a dark place we've fallen into. It always seems as though no one else understands, and we're simply left to claw our way to the surface on our own. I can tell you, even though we may never meet you, everyone here on Juvenation is here to help you. We won't let you drown :o)

If you feel comfortable (I know this can be a very troubling, difficult step), be open and honest with your parents about the way you are feeling. Even if you are certain they aren't going to listen or don't care, telling someone and talking about it is a first step towards helping yourself. I'm sure your parents insurance will also cover seeing a counselor as well as medication, if you feel you need it. The college you are going to go to in the fall will also have counseling services available for you. College counselors are amazing! They want nothing more than for you to succeed in school and enjoy your stay there. Take advantage of every service you can!

I took antidepressants for several years, got off them for awhile, then recently went back on them (within the last week). There is no shame in admitting you need help and then finding it. Only 20% of people with depression actually seek help. Be part of that 20%! I know you don't want to spend your life like this, and I can tell it bothers you a great deal. You many notice your outlook on life, friends, family, and girlfriends all change. There's nothing wrong with being single during a difficult period in your life. It's hard to make meaningful relationships with others when you feel like you can barely handle a relationship with yourself.

Focus on making yourself better. Good things will come to you if you take the chance to help yourself :o) We are here to support you when you need it.

thanks guy fyi iam seeing some one for the depression and he has me on some meds but iv talk to my parents and they dont listen and everyone else is like and its not that serious and when i go one ones coming to see my parents arnt even gona be there