Yay! I just got my CGM

I just set it up and got it started this morning. It's really cool but I had some issues with it saying I was LOW and my meter said I was 112?! It stayed at low for about 30 min and in that time it also showed this ??? I was so confused. And oddly enough I felt low. I guess it takes some getting used to until you know which one to trust.

Any pointers I should know?

Hi Nikki! Which CGM are you using - Dexcom or MM?

Typically the first 12 - 24 hours of a new sensor are iffy - reading differences like that aren't too uncommon. The sensor has to kind of marinate for a while before it starts being accurate.

Congrats on the new hardware! :)

I have the Dexcom CGM. It seemed to work itself out throughout the day. It's really crazy to see what my BG's are throughout the day. It looks like a cardiograph with how much it's gone up and down. I really hope that it gets evened out soon.

I can't say I love it 100% because it makes me stress out seeing what the BG's are. I feel like I have a boss sitting here beeping at me and making me stay focused. Ugh. But I know its for the best for me!

Ah, cool. Dexcom is what I use, too! You're right that it can be pretty disconcerting to have to watch what your BGs are doing, in real time. You'll notice that certain foods spike you more than others, and how timing your boluses prior to meals can help with some of that. It was a huge learning experience for me, and continues to be, actually.