YAY One good thing

Riley gets to test in her classroom this year!! Tho the nurse will record her numbers every Thursday when she comes in. I honestly dont see why she needs to know. She said if adjustments need to be made. Well if they do its my call if they are so yeah I dont get why she HAS to know.

Now for the boo I had to buy Riley's insulin pens! The chp+ still had not approved them so boo to that. At least the lady gave me a 10% discount so they were only 214 bucks :/ oh well hopefully in 3 months when we need them again they will be approved.


I really don't like this nurse. She sounds like a control freak and like she thinks she knows more than you. BUT I'm glad Riley can test in class, rather than going to the office or something.


Are you able to backdate your prescriptions? Aka if the pens are approved next week, can you send in the receipt since you bought them shortly after submitting the paperwork to get them approved?

YAY!!!  So glad that you are getting SOMEWHERE with this nurse!!  Sorry to hear that you had to pay for the pens.....I don't really understand why insurance won't cover something that you need to survive...it shouldn't matter what form it comes in......BBBBOOOOOOO!

I am so happy things are working out for you! But as has been mentioned, if you later get them approved, you can get reimbursed for the pens you bought! that's what we did. again, I'm happy you are finally getting somewhere with that insane nurse! I hope I get the pump soon, because I'm dealing with a similar situation with my nurse at school and ugh it's almost becoming worth it to wait till i get home to take my shot! and that's BAD!!

Yeah if they approve it we might get reimbured it depends if the NP back dates it which she hopefully will do.


Batts that is exactly how she is. I was telling my husband more detailed accounts of the convo and that is the same thing he said about her. Once I get all my ducks in a row with the orders I can change what I need to with the teacher and school staff. I did it last year too never got the orders changed just told them what Ri needed and they complied more or less without the nurse bugging us.