I was just diagnosed in late September at age 29 with an A1C over 13. I just got my first A1C results since then and it was 6! I was just happy to know that all of this hard work (checking blood sugar a million times a day, carb counting, and reading everything about type 1 that I can find) has paid off! I have pretty much had to figure it out on my own since I can't afford a diabetes specialist and  have to go to a free clinic. Thanks to everyone here for all the advice (I pretty much read everything posted and it's very helpful)! Hopefully I can stay on track and get my numbers even lower =0)

Congrats! Since you worked  so hard, you really deserved the results! My first A1C ever was actually a 5.4, which was kind of low for a beginner at type 1. However, that's because the day I was diagnosed, I read ever diabetic book I could, tested and still test 8-10 times a day, and counted every single carb I ate. As a result, my A1C was low. I actually plan on getting it up a little, and I think it has gone up. I find out soon :). That's so good that you went from a 13 to a 6, keep up the good work. :)

awesome work, cristina!! that takes a ton of hard work, and all your work really paid off! :o)

OMG! That's amazing! You have to start sharing YOUR advice. (:

That's fantastic !!! Keep up the great work.

congrats.  AWESOME !!  Keep up the good work.

Wow that's really awesome.  It took me quite a few months to get mine down that low after my diagnosis.  Great job!

Cristina, That is Awesome!!!!! Hard work does pay off.

Great job, we all know what hard work it is!!  YAY!!!!!