Finally after WEEEEEKS OF highs and only seeming to be able to stay at 11 i am 6.4!!! i havent been normal and not feeling shakey at this number in a LONG time. I feel fantastic!

nice job!! congratulations on feeling so good at such a great number :D

Yay indeed! Congratulations! =0)

Welcome to normal(?). Happy for you!! I know when I quit feeling low at normal. I felt better than I had in years!!!! (Dx'ed at 52) Congrats!!! to you. 

Congratulations!! Keep it up!  :)

I'm sooo happy for you... u should tell me how u did it cuz my a1c is at 12.2 and everything i try has not helped at all

I just added you as a friend GIna, we can talk in private message

and i even experienced 2 lows this weekend, yes i know shouldnt be proud lol but when i havent had one in at least 8 motnhs.. it feels good.


Very nice. Great job!!!

Congrats!  That's awesome!!

That is a fantastic improvement Tara, keep up the good work!!!