Year 1 under our belt

Our 14 year old was diagnosed last year and just went on the pump in mid-January.

After some initial highs she has seemed to level off.

My fear is that it is all going too well. Watched Oprah's diabetes special a couple of weeks ago and that freaked my wife and I out a bit. However, the good news is, our daughter has been VERY good about checking her blood and keeping her numbers in range.

The other thing that has me concerned is reading/hearing about deaths of diabetics and wanting to know more about how it happened. A friend of a friend just lost their son and I worry about the times we leave our daughter home alone.

For those parents that have been at this for a while, what are the warning signs to keep an eye out for? Her a1c's have been fine and she seems to be doing great.

It's a big milestone - completing that first year.  Sounds like your daughter and your family has done well and handled it with grace, so congrats on that.  As for the worry, I think you will always worry some - but as long as your daughter is taking good care of herself and her blood sugars and A1C's are in the good range, your fears should ease a bit.  Just keep lines of communication open with her, allow her to vent her frustrations about D and don't beat her up (or allow her to beat herself up) over a less-than-ideal-number here and there and hopefully she'll continue to take great care of herself and not rebel against it.

Frank, If you do a search for the threads on here re the Oprah show, I think you'll find most of us found it inaccurate, if that makes you feel any better. I think all the well-functioning and successful T1's on here are a better sample than one random person who didn't take care of herself found by Oprah's producers!

Congratulations on making it through the 1st year! I've found there are up and down periods w/ having this disease. So, you take the good periods happily, and know the frustrating periods will pass.

Congrats on the one year mark!

I'm 17, and when I became more "independent" in my life and started staying home alone, and more importantly, going "out," I told my parents I knew I could not stop them from being worried, just so long as their worry did not interfere too drastically with my life and how I should progress as a teenager gaining independence.  If she's been fine and is doing great, you and her have obviously worked out a great system to try and control this giant thing in her life.  A new independence could be a reward, perhaps, for learning so much and doing so great. 

My parents are certainly a more worry type, as my brother passed away when he was 17.  (I was 10 at the time.)

That's tragic about your brother. I'm very sorry. Was it related to diabetes?

We've got a pretty good system. Lots of text messaging (if we're out.) Then we don't hound her. Seems to work pretty well. She's very good about feeling a low.

[quote user="Run D-Link"]

I'm 17, and when I became more "independent" in my life and started staying home alone, and more importantly, going "out," I told my parents I knew I could not stop them from being worried, just so long as their worry did not interfere too drastically with my life and how I should progress as a teenager gaining independence.


You're 17? I always assumed you were older. That isn't insult -- you seem very mature.

First, congratulations on reaching the one year mark!  You've obviously done an awesome job!

Second, I think you'll find that the majority of the T1 community were extremely disappointed (okay, many were flat-out irate) at Oprah's depiction of diabetes (T1 and T2 bunched together indiscriminatly), the lack of difinitive information, and the sensationalization presented.  Here's a nice take on the program:

Third, all the "complications" we hear about "diabetes" (not specific as to T1 or T2) are NOT inevitable.  Tight BS control reduces the complications astrinomically.  Our kids have an excellent chance of living long, full lives because of the fabulous management technology available to them now, and it's only going to get better.



This has all been very helpful. We have friends that have been parents of a diabetic for 16 years and we bounce a lot of things off them.It's great to have a whole new resource.


The Oprah episode seemed a little over the top to us as well. Disclaimer; I work in TV and my station is an Oprah affiliate. That said, my daughter is my priority and I want to make sure the disease she (we) are dealing with is represented accurately. A lot of the concerns I've seen registered on this site is that this is a common occurrence with those that don't deal with diabetes and aren't knowledgeable about it. Grayson (our daughter) was relaying a story after I told her about some of these posts where she went to a friends party and the mom offered everyone else soda and told Grayson she had bought her Apple Juice to drink. The mom is very sweet, just didn't know. That's why I think it's important that accurate information be disseminated.


Thanks again everyone. Love the site.

My brother passed away on account of early heart attack.  I think dealing with this, and T1, have helped me "grow up/seem older" than I am, perhaps.

Well I don't really know you but you seem to be handling it well.

I was born with a deformed Aortic Valve in my heart and had open heart surgery when I was 33 years old to repair it. Grayson was just 6 at the time.

I've drawn on that experience to help Grayson with a lot of what she has had to go through. Namely, control what you can control.

Congratulations!  As a parent, regardless of D, I don't think we ever will stop worrying.  It's just the diabetes gives us one more thing to worry about.  If she's in control of her BS levels and knows her body's signs and understands the importance of taking care of herself, I'm sure she'll do fine.  If she's not on this site, you might want to have her join.  Then she can connect with other kids her age going through the same thing.

As for the Oprah show, I'm glad I didn't see it.  I'm sure it would have had me in a panic since it was on right around the time my son was diagnosed.  Keep up the good work!

I showed her the site and she seemed interested. I think she is hesitant because she doesn't want diabetes to define her. We tried to get her to go to the camp and she wasn't interested.

One common theme I've seen on Juvenation is not to push so we've tried to give her good information and guide her but give her the space to make her own decision.

we too hit the one year mark this past weekend. my son is 5 and we found out he has type 1 last year on valentine's day. so we have now officially done a whole year of firsts...

i was diagnosed on Valentines Day too!!!! this year was my 6th anniversary though...

Congratulations... Going through this last year with a teenager was hard enough. Can't imagine how you all have done it with younger kids.