Yoga and a pump

I have been having a funny time in yoga classes!  As you all experience people thinking you are wearing a pager and not a pump I get the funniest responses from people!  Yoga is truly an activity that it just isn't really acceptable to wear a pager for.  I always get asked if I'm a doctor and say no I'm a Nurse- because I am.  Then people say- I knew you were in medicine because why else would you wear a pager to yoga?!  They are always suprised and feel a little silly when I tell them it's an insulin pump.  I must be perceived as a total type A person in yoga class, what a crack up!  I once had an instructor ask me to take my pager off in class!  Has anyone else had that happen in yoga?

It totally cracks me up when people think it's a pager. ("Yes it is, and by the way, it's still 1995.")

I tend to wear mine in my sports bra or just disconnect it for exercise. :)

I have gotten that response in a ballet class, so I usually stick my pump in my sports bra as well. Makes it much easier. Just be careful, because if you get too sweaty you can harm the pump-I learned the hard way. If it's only an hour class you could just disconnect.


Yes, I've had this response more times than I want.  I do Bikram (hot yoga) and I wear the Omnipod - so b/c of the heat I have to change it right after class (kills the insulin).  However, I did have someone ask me the other day "what kind of ipod is that?!"  I try to educate people, but sometimes it takes a lot to be that patient.  I did have problems wearing it in my state nursing boards (yeah, I know) but that's a whole other story.

Hehe, I wear my pump in my sports bra but it always seems to fall out in downward dog.  Then I have it dangling by the tubing in front of my face!