You know what bothers me?

My mom won't listen, every time I say how awful I feel she tells me it could be worse. I know it could, but that's easy to say when you don't live afraid you're going to die and have a tube in your side 24/7.

It pretty much sucks.

Im the type of person who gets really nervous when I'm not in control, which is why I don't like planes or elevators or things, because I can't make sure it doesn't break.

Worst of all, I was downstairs for and hour crying because I was so fed up, and no one noticed.

I'm tired, I'm mad, and I'm just plain sick of feeling like a pin cushion.

WOW! That's pretty rough. Is your mom generally a good listener, or is this a typical response for non-diabetes stuff as well?

I'm going through the same at the moment and it's true it makes you feel utter **** but just try to explain to your mom what she is seeing from your point of view, because I don't think people do it on purpose because they do and are listening to you but as they aren't experiencing it so they automatic think there are worse things to live with, so she isn't doing it on purpose i don't think. Good luck x

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I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes you try to explain how awful it is to people but they don't get it so you just seem like you're complaining. It's so diffucult to deal with and I know it hurts the most when people close to you don't see what you're going through. I've been there with my mom too. The worst part is when I walk away I'm the one with the attitude problem. Keep your head up and know that there are people who do understand how you feel and know just how hard this is to deal with.

It is so hard to deal with this crap. I feel and understand waht you are going through. Everyday you get up, prick your finger, eat, go to school, prick your finger again and have dinner, leave school or do an activity, have dinner and prick a finger, and finally go to bed. It is ridiculous what we have to deal with and is so frustrating.

People always say that they understand, but they can't. Until they have to deal with what we deal with, others won't be able to feel our emotions. But the family is there to help you through it all.

I agree that my mom says that it can't get any worse. Yet when she knows that I want it to disappears, she wishes what any parent would want to do for their child: to take away the pain and make their kid happy.

I hope this could help. You can contact me so that we can chat more if you like.

i hate that my mom always tells me it could have been worse and i could have had cancer instead but thats not the point the point is i have diabetes and im frustrated and cant take it anymore, i try to tlk to my parents but they will never truly understand i dont think anyone ever will.

Other Type 1 Diabetics will understand Amber. We all have our ups and downs. I have managed for this long, and have no plans on giving up. I have allot to live for, and you do to.

My parents were always supportive, and ussually always agreed, that they have no real understanding of what it is like. But, we children/adults with Type 1 have to remember that parents can also carry allot of worry, and sometimes guilt with them because there child/children have to learn to live with Diabetes, and they can only support them. I am a father of 2 daughters 16 & 24, plus a step son 19. Any type of cronic health issue would be very difficult for me as a parent.

Some Cancers have a cure. Diabetes does not. YET!  Keep the faith!

Please remember one important thing. We Diabetics look, act, think and behave just the same way as people without Diabetes do.

My parents do that too. I sit down to do my site. (my parents still do it for me, I do it most of the time though) and we get it over with but then i just sit there and cry. She says, "Payton stop feeling sorry for yourself." I still just sit there and cry. I tell her that everyone on here is dealing with the same thing like hating diabetes and feeling sorry for themselves. She just says nothing. She also told me that she is basically living the same life as me. As in poking me when i was little and having to put a needle in my side. Just try sitting down and talking to her. Thats what i did. I sat down and i talked to my mom. Try that. Good Luck:)

None of us are sure why it has to be me. Yeah the DNA  may tell us why some day, but it doesn't change what we have to do now. Ok, it could have been cancer, and ok we might have been cured of cancer and ok we could face it coming back, but we get to face this everyday without the possibility of parole. There are no off days, there are no 'let me put this down a few hours or minutes' it just stays with us no matter what we do. There may be a cure someday, not today though. There may be a huge break thru some day, not today though. It is what you see, a condition, if not treated will shorten our lives and that is no option. Hang in there, get smarter and toughen your mental outlook, I know you can, because I did, and I am nobody special, just another with diabetes and remember, there are lots of us out here too!

Jed Dole, your signature caught my eye the moment i saw it. You're an inspiration, and I give thanks for all of them that I find, be it people that live with diabetes in a positive manner, a nice day, or just a good reading after a sugary/carb heavy snack. Thank you. :)

I have found that, like Jeff, the outlook plays a big role. I don't know how many of you where glasses...I never did...even in this 21st century we are in, I found a job using the DOS computer and green computer screens...seriously! lol anyways, 2 years later, i've got point is, when my glasses are dirty...I have to clean them, sometimes it's annoying and i let the oil/grease/grime of the day/moment build upon what is there already (I know, i'm just making myself sound SUPER attractive), but when the breaking point comes, and I find my terry (microfiber) cloth, and clean my man was it worth it. To see the world clearly.

Our mental outlook is much the same way. It is not what we put into our bodies that defiles us, but what we let out. People are ridiculous. I won't say that I'm not, but i'll generalize, as humanity is so fond of doing, and say that we're crazy, the general populous that is. As an individual you have the power to observe the moment you are in. I find myself thinking about it this way, healthy or not.

2 hundred years ago, I still could have been diagnosed with diabetes... if i was "lucky," if you can call it that, I'd make it a couple of months. a thousand years ago, in the middle ages, I could have been diagnosed...same story, I wouldn't last long. The moments I/we have been given are truly gifts. It's wild to hear how many parents have told them "It could be worse." I don't know what the difference is, if any, my mom told me "There's always someone who has it worse," I believe her aim was to build a thought pattern that would fortify me not getting down on myself. regardless, back to these precious moments...When cared for to the enth degree, I say truly, the body, especially a diabetics, is like a fine foreign automobile. Expensive, man do i NOT want to go there right now, however, also high performing. We are capable of so much. It's worth the price to pay for those days where thanks can be found. :) Truly, there are moments that are awful. Hang in there, for the love that is really within you that the world wants, hang in there. :) <3 I hope this finds everyone it needs to well B>

There are days (like today) when I get down about diabetes and wonder "why me?" but then i remember "why not me?" there are reasons for everything in this life, even if we can never see them or even understand them until much later. When I was diagnosed at 16, I was very depressed since diabetes complications had just  taken the life of my grandfather a few months earlier. I fought against it for years, refused to test, refused to eat, made up my own schedule. The only thing that did was land me in DKA numerous times and in a coma for 4 days in 2005, which I was lucky to come out of with no harm. That was my second chance to deal with this life long disease and  I decided to do it right this time. I test regularly, eat when I'm supposed to and have been on a pump for 2 years now (so much easier than syringes). My life drastically changed when I stopped fighting my body. It is depressing sometimes and sometimes you wish you can make the people in your life TRULY understand what your going through, but you're not alone, there are many, many diabetics going through similar things every day. One day there will be a cure, but for now we need to just accept it and do the best we can with what we have. Once our outlook gets better, our health gets better. Healthy mind, healthy body :)

my parents do the same thing wtih just saying "oh, it could be so much worse." I try to think of it as they just don't want you to pity yourself or have others pity  you and have a whole PITY PARTY over diabetes...

I am tired of getting sympathy.  I am ok with people telling me they are sorry but when people try and talk about diabetes when they don't it makes me GGGGGRRRRRRRRR.

Good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. . . . But together, we can push through. <3

I dont deserve their sympathy. I can handle myself just fine.