You know your a diabetic when

1) You look forward to your next low so you can have candy.

2) You say that you feel ‘high’ in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks

3) You know the amount of carbohydrates in basically every food known to man

4) You think of blood sugar not bull sh!t when you see the initials BS

5) You find used test strips everywhere (car floors, backpacks, parking lots)

~~~~~ADD ON...CAN YOU THINK OF ANYMORE? :)~~~~~~~ can add a ton of unnessasary answers on nutrition and your circulatory and digestive system.(i could on a test yesterday but didnt cause in was unnnessasary) can correct what the teacher is teaching and info in books about nutrition and body stuff. know the height and weight people at the hospital and they recognize you. can say to the lab people "i've done it a million times." when they ask if you've had your blood drawn.

...the school nurse(s) know you by name.

  1.  the pharacist calls you by name.
  2. other diabetics asks you how your levels are (when you can see a pump).


you laugh at people who are scared of shots

all of your stories start out as "One time at diabetes camp..."

you keep juice boxes handy wherever you go

your fingertips look like war zones

You know what an A1C stands for

. . . . when people snoop in your purse and find juice, crackers, extra test strip bottles, used lancets and test strips in the bottom 

. . . . when people find random blood spots on all ur stuff

... in forfit, you raise your hand in anatomy class to name the 11th and final bodily system that none of your class mates can think of, "(sigh), Endocrine."