Young mums

Hi there
I’m a youngish mum 25
I have two kids one is 4 and one is 2.
My 4yo has type 1.
Just looking for some friends…
I’m Melbourne based.
Feel free to shoot me a message

hi @Cloudydays93 Claudia, well you have come to the right place for friends, there are a lot of us here - both as T1 parents and as parents of T1 children. I hope you are getting all of the support you need. While we are not typically “live” support, feel free to ask about anything you need right here.

If you are looking for live or local help, I am afraid that the “nearest” JDRF chapter is very far from you (near Sydney), but maybe there are Facebook groups of more local support. You can always try your child’s endocrinologist office for a support meeting or group they may know about.

Good luck I hope all is well with you and your children.

Liliana is my eldest the one with type 1

And Francesco is my other Bub