Your daily insulin requirements

I have lost so much weight since my diagnosis and I’m still losing weight slowly. I wasn’t fat at all. now my is 49 kg, that means 108 pounds. The reason for my weight loss is that I’m scared to inject high doses of insulin especially after 6 pm. I have never injected more that 8 units at a time. My daily carb intake ranges from 130-180 grams and I take from 24-32 units of insulin daily( lispro and glargine). Now, don’t think my control is great, lol. My average blood sugar is not great, it’s 190 mg/dl.
I wanna know your doses, I wanna hear specially from adults that weigh like me or close to me.

It's not an easy question to answer.  Insulin sensitivity varies for everyone.

But, as you already know, since you're losing weight and have high blood sugars it means you need more insulin.  

A fear of going low overnight is normal and you should do your best to prevent it.  But maybe you can change your insulin doses at other times of day or eat differently at night to prevent highs too.  

I'd really recommend getting the book "Using Insulin" by John Walsh.  

Absolutely do not compare your insulin requirements with other peoples'. It just doesn't work. I have a friend who weighs less than I do and takes twice as much insulin despite eating less carb. What you need is the dose that is correct for you. This means not having an average of 190 (you know that's too high). I know lows are uncomfortable, but have you had serious problems or is this strictly an intellectual concern you have? If you have all your signals still you can get tighter control without worrying about going low.

I would also suggest John Walsh's book. It's excellent.