Your diabetes b'day?

This may be a weird question for some people, but do any of you celebrate when you were diagnosed? I always feel like thats a really important day. Just wondering if other people felt that way too?

I don't know why you would celebrate anything like that.  Sure, it's important, but don't you usually celebrate happy things?  Interesting idea, though.  Mine is August of 1999 (almost 10 years :(

hey my name is Shelby! i totally celebrate mine! actually weird I would read this today because today is mine! lol I was diagnosed March 6, 1999. Happy 10th to me I guess! : ) I get weird looks and questions when I say something about celebrating too, I just figure if you have it why not celebrate right???

I dont see it as something bad, but as a good thing thats happened to me for a reason.

( that was to woodbure )

I do kind of! I do it with all my friends.  I probably wouldn't do it, but I was diagnosed on july 4th!


yes, i do celebrate cause i think it's a really important and significant day. I mean it's like the day in my life that i'll always remember that changed my life and turned it upside down. i don't see it as a good thing or a bad thing, i just think its important to remember it. so i do like a little party and i invite my best friends who are really supportive of me and everything and they all get my presents and its great.

I celebrate it with my Mom and aunt because they are both diabetic, too. we usually  just go out to dinner together. :]

Umm.. Well I dont, its not such a happy time for me... I would probbably make it an anniversary for when i was diognosed but that would make things worse :) Ill just stick to trying to forget it as I take care of myself. But its great that you selbreate! :)

Celebrate my Diabeta-versary? Of course I do! It's a very important day to me as well, it means I've gone another year! I got flowers on my last one, so that was nice. But yeah, special day. :D

we call it D-day at our house :P

we normally do something fun on or around Dday to make up for how stinky it was in '04(june, 16 ;))

 Friday was my "diaversary" as I call it. My mom calls it "diabetes day." We do celebrate, not as much as when I was little, but we do something.  Its a day to look at how well I've managed this disease and how much I've grown in the past year. My parents tell me how proud of me they are, which really means a lot and helps keep me going. My doctor also tells me that I'm doing an awesome job managing my diabetes and how proud of me she is. Friday was 11 years of living with Diabetes for me. I won't let it keep me from doing anything. This year, I got 2 new beaded medic alert bracelets and yesterday we helped at the JDRF Gala.

Totally celebrate it!!! Mine is January 9th!!!! It is a great way to educate people about Type 1!!!!!!!!!

Hell yeah I celebrate it! I think I look forward to that day almost as much as my birthday! It's not about showing how 'happy' I am about having diabetes, but recognising a part of me, and how it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. February 15th, will never forget it!

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Celebrate my Diabeta-versary? Of course I do!


Haha. Diabeta-versary? I love it!

I've never celebrated it before, but I was talking with one of my friends about it only a short while back (surprise surprise, I know; look at me, talking D to my friends!) and we decided we'd do something to celebrate my 1,000 day with diabetes. Unfortunately, as it turned out my math was off so I'd already broke it :)

But it was just cool to see that my friend support that... I'll definately have to do something this year!

well my birthday is only about 5 days after the day i was diagnosed so i kind of celebrate it with my birthday because i remember the day i was diagnosed so well

i was diagnosed the first week of school.

My day is Oct17, 2006 and for the past 2 years my mom who is a teacher and i skip school and go shopping for the day then i do something withmy firend or bf that night. I couldn't agree with you more Meghan. I think that it is very important to celebrate everything that God has blessed you in life even if they aren't the mosat fun things, but it also causes you to relect how much things have changed. I wen though syringes, pens, and my minimed pump within 8 months. I came aalong way and have come even further within 2 years. some people havent even gotten past the syringes in that amount of time.


My day is Oct 29 '08. it  hasn't been a year yet but i definitly think i will celebrate and ur right If God has blessed you with something take PRIDE in it.