Your Family

Is there anyone in your family who thinks you can't eat sugary stuff like cotton candy? My grandma still thinks that even thoug I've stressed to her a million times that I CAN with a shot. Share your stories! :)

Yes ;) My grandmother thought that she had given me diabetes by occasionally giving me candy. She apologized over and over again. I tried to explain to her that it doesn't work like that, but I don't think it sank in..

My mom's friend brought a new year's cake over this year and were were exclaiming over how good it looked when she suddenly got this weird look on her face and said to me, "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't eat it!" I had to say actually, yes, with insulin, I'm just fine.

Happens frequently from well meaning acquaintences.  Always cracks me up what they think is off limits, like sugar is bad but fruit juice and honey is okay.  

My favorite is an aunt who insists I can't have ketchup because of my diabetes.  I've now had D for 34 years and she gives me a dirty look whenever I ask for ketchup.  =)  

My (intelligent in every other way) grandma still thinks I got diabetes because she put sugar in my rice cereal when I was a baby...

all of my friends ask me (well most of them tell me) what i can and cant eat and it drives me nuts!! my one friend thinks that just because her older brother is a diabetic that she knows what is best for me. I tell them all that time that i am the one with the disease and IIIIIIII know what i can and can't eat... it is just irritating to be yelled at all the time by people who have not even the SLIGHTEST idea what we have to go through.

Whenever i go somewhere with my friends, they are always asking me if i can eat this or that, and i know they are looking out for me, but it can get annoying sometimes.

some friends and my cuzin

My mom is always nagging me about my T1D. She says that i’m a fast learner,but its not so fast when u have a yipe-yipe dog alwas in your ear