Your story about first getting it?

I was wondering if anyone else had a bad time like me when they first got diagnosed. Not just the health wise but also friends and loneliness like me. When I got diagnosed with type one diabetes I lost a lot of friends cause they thought they would get it and die then to top it off I was the first student with type one diabetes as a student in my small town and then I was the first diabetic in my family to get it. anyone else have a tough time like that or worse?.

Mine was a lot like that. There were a total of three diabetics in my school including me, and they were all in separate grades, and all newly diagnosed. two of us were out before winter break.

I bet that was tough as well. Do you guys have a school nurse there?. I know a lot of schools don't. I missed most of my third grade cause of diagnosing. They tried holding m back but my ma wouldn't aloud it cause I did most of my work and it wasn't my fault I was diagnosed. Do you have anyone else in your family with Diabetes?.

I had a very bad time. My BS was over 1100 when i was diagnosed. And above all that, i was the only diabetic in my whole middle school. I was in 8th grade at the time.

There was a nurse only one day a week, and a crabby secretary and a dark office every other day. and Methos, holy crap on the BS.

hahaha yea we dont know what happened, but i was still concious



Interesting. I had a very similar story. Diagnosed in Elementary school, graduating year during inter break when I got diagnosed. Only one in my family with it. We had two school nurses in everyday, but they rotated. One I liked, the other one seemed more nervous than me when I had high blood sugars/was not feeling well. It was pretty funny actually. I didn't miss a beat of school when I was diagnosed (must have been extremely fortunate). But also, I was in 6th grade not 3rd like yourself. There were brothers in my school that were younger than me who were diabetic and maybe one more. So we were 4 total in a big school.

Methos, I remember also having an extremely high blood sugar but I forget what mine was at (we're talking 9 years ago). I do remember the doctors telling me they we're blown away that I was still conscious (and in good shape too!). I was 11 years old. But, wow that is crazy!! An amazing story to tell.

Same!! haha, I was diagnosed in 6th Grade! :)

we didnt really have a nurse... She would show up every 2 weeks, pull me out of class, and try to get me to teach her about my diabetes.. x) and the Nurse's room wasn't used because it was dirty and soundproof, plus it automatically locked, so if I passed out inside of it, nobody would be able to get in.. yeahh... My school was lame,

My sugars were in their 60's somewhere.. (1200-1280 in american Glucose terms). Can't remember the exact as its been over 6 years. But yeahhh.. haha :D

Wow that sounds like a safe infirmary! I guess you got the privilege of leaving class early to teach someone about diabetes...not a bad situation if you ask me. Wow, numbers in the 60s sounds crazy also. I actually got checked out from a local doctor in New York (was a friend of my dad's and I lucked out as he let us do this) and his machine read an error message when he was checking my blood (as if I had any idea what that meant). That was the one thing I remembered. He told my dad and I to go back to Montreal (where I'm from) right away, which we did the next morning. Wish I remembered the number I was at when I was diagnosed in a Canadian hospital.

When I first got diagnosed I was in 3rd grade, and my teachers just told everyone I was in the hospital for a lifelong disease. When I got back it was actually Halloween. All the kids were weary of me. They thought I couldn't have sugar and so they all just kind of kept away. I was the first diabetic in the school in 15 years (seriously. I had to retrain the nurse on how to help me). The nurse was nervous about me that she would call down to the teachers to make sure I was ok everyday (endearing but also annoying at that age). The teachers were nervous about it all and so when I had to eat a snack everyday at a certain time (cause my BG would drop drastically), they would set a timer interrupting the entire class. So I ate eat food with everybody watching me (singled out), which other kids really didn't like, they ended up getting jealous. Honestly, I had to explain to everyone what diabetes was and keep telling them that they will not "catch" it. It was an extremely different experience and honestly there was good and bad about it. Kids ended up warming up to it but those first months, I kind of felt like a alien who was underneath a microscope.

Well, I was diagnosed at age four. I am eleven now, (Pretty young compared to the others on this site) and there have been some tough times. When they first pricked my finger, I thought they were trying to kill me. I thought they put " a hole in my finger". Don't even ask about when they attached my pump. When I got to first grade, I didn't have much friends to begin with, but diabetes was like taking a punch in the gut. However, it did eventually get better, but it took almost two whole years. My sister also got diagnosed about 3 months after me (She was in third grade, I think), but the other kids were smart enough to know that she is not gonna go and kill everybody with her disease. As far as nurses go, I had the best. My nurse did not over react, but it's not like she didn't care, either. Now, I'm in middle school, and I have three nurses, all of which are pretty good(mostly because they already knew how to handle it because of my older sister).

Well I was 9.
1)First in the family.
2)Got harassed by other students cuz of 'special treatment.'
3)No one gets me.
4)Cant play football sometimes cuz of high BG.
5)Everyone thinks im crazy cuz high bg drives me there most of the time.
6)got told I was just overreacting at the fact that I will never be normal again.
7)The pity. OMG the pity. It is stupid!
8)I look more dead then alive.
9)I cant feel my legs.
10)And to top it off, I will die in my 20’s.
Im 15 now. Oh yes Such a grand time! 3=(

Noo! don’t say that! with the great healthcare you can get now-a-days and all the medical supply we can live just as long as any other non diabetic person can! you can and will survive past your 20’s. Diabetes isn’t the end of the world, it just changes your world. Trust me, I get you, I know what its like to live like this, and who cares that you get special treatment? that means that you are a very special person! You will always have your ups and downs. and when you are having a down, just look through this blog and you will definitely not feel alone!

Yahhhhh… i had a tough time… i had just turned five, and i was diagnosed! :frowning: it was hard, everyone thought it was contaigous! :wink: they thought i was gonna kill them! Lol. I didnt lose many friends bt ppl that i didnt know, thought i was the weirdest person ever…lol! Im ove it now but… yah it was hard! :slight_smile: