Youth Sports?

Just wondering....

If your child wears a pump- how do you manage playing rec soccer/softball/baseball, etc?  Disconnect while playing?  What about the infusion set site? Could a rec league deny a child to play because of say the Pod site?  This could also include CGM sites. 

I've been reading tons of old posts and that thought came to mind. 



(waiting for a Ped. Endo appointment) 

My daughter Chasey wears a medtronic minimed and she is a very active 6 year old. We played baseball this spring, she is currently in hiphop dance lessons as well as swim lessons and in November she is starting a soccer program at the community centre. We have never been denied the opportunity to play or be involved in any of the above activities. During sports, we just tuck her pump into her pants or shorts and off she goes. Swim lessons we remove the pump and I keep it in my purse. We usually check her numbers prior to the activity and adjust accordingly with food if need be. Thus far the site has held up well even with swim lessons. I have previously read that sometimes a site will not stick due to sweat, or swimming excessively but that has not been the issue for us yet. Also the instructors that we have had so far are very understanding and prepared to watch Chasey for signs of a low. 

I hope that this helps you some.