Yummy Meals To Eat That Won't Mess Up Your Blood Sugar Readings

I've been looking online, trying to find some good recipes that won't shoot your blood sugar up. And I haven't found anything that is interesting to me. So I figured what the heck, just ask some other people with Type 1 Diabetes.....

So my question is:

What meals do you love to make at home, that doesn't shoot your blood sugar up really high? That non-diabetics will also enjoy?

i don't know if this'll be crazy for your levels..i don't follow a "diet", i eat whatever i want..


but I have made "Zesty Summar Shrimp" a couple of times and they are sooo good. i made them the other night with some rice, corn and broccoli.


I use Tiger Prawns though instead of Shrimp..and while I followed the exact measurements for everything the first time, I now just put them in without measuring. Be careful though..the first time I made them, I started a fire in the pan..like full on flames, fire alarm went off..apartment got all smoky...haha


I'm vegetarian so I won't be of much help if you're a big meat eater.  However...if my blood sugars are crappy and I want to eat something that won't make them spike too much, I'll go for something like eggs (or egg whites in my case) and a few pieces of Morningstar Farms (vegetarian) breakfast sausage.  They have a maple flavored sausage that is really good!  I'll usually have some toast too, but I opt for Stroehman Thin bread because it has less carbs than regular bread.

Sometimes if I want to get creative with the eggs, I'll cube some zucchini, sautee in olive oil, let the zucchini cook until soft, add chopped onion and lots of chopped garlic and when that's cooked, I pour egg over the whole thing.  I just keep stirring the whole concoction until the egg has fully cooked.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Mmm...I just made myself hungry.  I think I'm actually going to go make that now!

Hope that helps!