Zero snack suggestions for a picky 4 year old

Hi everyone,

I’m a newly diagnosed T1 mom of a vivacious 4 year old girl. I am looking for zero snacks for our girl, we have tried a bunch of things from celery/peanut butter to sugar free treats and all we can get her to consistently snack on is nuts. She’s not really into eating meats, but cheese has also worked well.

Before our diagnosis, I was one of those moms that never gave my kid any artificial sweeteners or foods with page long ingredient lists…oh the times have changed! Any ideas for us?

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Our daughter was diagnosed November 2013 her go to zero snacks are dill pickles and cheese and sometimes turkey bacon and egg whites.

I think if she likes nuts, let her nuts for Zero carb snacks. Kids can be very picky when it comes to eating so if you find something that works, go with it. Are you looking for zero carb snacks or just any snacks? (you mentioned peanut butter and that can have carbs, depending on who makes it.) How about sugar fee jello?

My daughter (age 4) was diagnosed about two and a half months ago, and she’s a picky eater too! Nuts are one of her favorite snacks, so we always have them on hand. Because she’s little, she doesn’t eat a typical “serving size” of most foods, so she is able to eat fruits and veggies without adding much to the carb count – strawberries, blueberries, a few slices of apple, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, edamame, etc. We have the opposite problem though, in that we usually need her to eat some carbs every couple of hours in order to keep her blood sugar on target. (We are in the honeymoon phase.) She also likes cheese, pickles, summer sausage with mustard… I don’t like to use artificial sweeteners, so I’m somewhat limited in the carb-free options I offer her. She loves KIND bars, though they have 16-17 grams of carbs each. They are low glycemic, the protein (nuts) seem to keep her going, and the sea salt and dark chocolate bars make her feel like she’s having a treat. KIND bars are usually a bedtime snack for her, and we have good luck with them keeping her blood sugar from going low at night.

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Hi there,
I’m new here and I’m not sure what a zero snack is, but all nuts have some carbohydrates in them (all peanut butter, whether or not sugar has been added as well). The high amount of fat in nuts means that the absorption of the carbs is much slower than in foods that are low in fat, so they act a little more like a food without carbs. Same with cheese. Lactose is sugar and most modern cheeses have at least some lactose. Hand-pulled mozzerella cheese does not. Traditionally, all the lactose in cheese is metabolized but modern processing of cheese leave lactose (sugar) behind. Again, there is little influence on blood sugar (usually) as long as the cheese has fat to slow down that sugar absorption. Other choices that have no carbs but are still whole foods are eggs, some veggies (not carrots, potato, root veggies), jerky, bacon, other meats. I hope that is helpful!

Hi everyone, I’m new here to this site. My daughter was recently diagnosed and is 6yrs old. I found a 4carb low sugar yogurt at Fred Meyer and my daughter loves them. It does have artificial sweetener but it has many flavors to choose from like cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffin! My child hates veggies and nuts so my options are limited for free snacks. Hope this helps