Has anyone ever participated in any Zumba classes?  I had never even heard of this until I was leafing through a booklet from my local community centre.  They are offering Zumba classes this year (new) on Saturday mornings, at a really good price.  I am considering this...  Just wanted some feedback, good or bad, from others who may have tried it before!  Thanks! 

Zumba is aerobic dancing to latin music I think. My gym says its the latest craze LOL

So Gina, wanna join the class with me?  It might be a little far for you to travel every Saturday morning, but who knows, it might also be worth it!  LOL

That sounds cool! lol. I wish I didn't quit dance! Hey who knows it might come back in style. lol. I think it would be too much though.

I love Zumba. My old personal trainer used to teach it at my gym, and it was wonderful. It's fast paced, and it's a lot of salsa, tengo and latin dance choreography. I have been dancing since I was little, so I understand the "counts" that she uses when you are dancing, but it's pretty easy to pick up. Most of the women in my class had no previous dancing experience. Zumba uses dance to elevate your heart rate, and move muscles that you aren't necessarily used to using frequently. 

I just got back from my first Zumba class - I loved it!!!  I admit that I am not the most coordinated person in the class, but the instructor reassured us all that this class is for fun only, there's no competition going on, so if we don't get it right off the bat, it's not a problem!

My next question is:  Does anyone know of a half-decent Zumba DVD?  My class is cancelled for next week, and I son't be able to make it to the class the week after, but I'd like to keep it up until I make it back to the next class...  Thanks for any recommendations!