Anger in a preteen

My 11 yr old son has been struggling with his diagnosis for 1.5 yrs and when his blood sugar is high, he gets combative and argumentative. His therapist says he cant be rationalized with in that state but he’s already had to change schools because of authority issues. When hes in range he’s amazing. A 14 yr old intellect in a little skinny body.

What i want to ask is when all he wants to do is punch something or run it off, has anyone found a solution for an office or school setting? Im afraid his untapped rage will get worse once puberty kicks in. Once his blood sugar comes down he’s fine but its in the moment im having trouble. Thank you!

Hi @Lunaria54 and welcome to the Forum.
Being combative and argumentative sometimes occur with low blood sugar rather than high, but your son’s actions could be his own physiological response, or response to the frustration of not feeling well due to his numbers. the frequent symptoms of headache, trouble concentrating, blurry vision and fatigue can make anyone behave differently than normal.
How high are his numbers when he behaves this way, and how often does this happen? All of us have occasional highs but if they are occurring frequently it may mean some adjustments need to be made to his treatment plan, which is not unusual, perhaps especially for a teenager or tween.
Does he take injections, or use a pump? A pump allows more precise dosing for various time periods if he is regularly spiking or running high during certain times of the day. I how you’re able to find an ounce of prevention.

Hi @Lunaria54 welcome. Is if he is in public school then a 504 plan can be written and can include accommodations for breaks where he can cool off. Visit the nurse, snack. I have a 504 plan for my son (he is not type 1) but he is allowed to run the stairs if he needs to get his head right for learning. Plans can also be written with instructions for high and low blood sugar and have instructions and accommodations including behavior accommodations so he is somewhat protected. Please consider starting at the doctor, then with his diagnosis a public school is required to follow the 504 instructions per the law.