Anticoagulants & insulin pump+cgm in T1D?

We have to make a choice between aortic replacement valves, either tissue (bioprosthetic) or mechanical. The mechanical choice requires lifelong treatment with warfarin (target INR 1.5-2.0) and daily low-dose aspirin. We are concerned about additional bruising and bleeding with the anticoagulation therapy and possible interference with insulin delivery from the insulin pump’s infusion site. Does anyone have any experience with a mechanical aortic valve and Type 1 Diabetes? Thank you.

Hi @MPM55 and welcome to the forum. I’m afraid I cannot answer your question directly (apologies if you got excited to see a response) but wanted to share:
My mom - who did not have diabetes - started talking Warfarin in her late 80s. When we found we could test her INR at home we opted for that rather than going to the doctor’s office every week or two. There was no excessive bleeding out bruisin, but I imagine this varies from person to person.
There are limitations on certain types of foods and beverages that can affect how well Warfarin works - you should get the list from your doctor). Some may not affect your diabetes very much but it would be helpful to know in advance.
As far as insulin delivery, I imagine I would insert or inject in a different limb from an infusion - if the infusion is the the right arm I would use my left one, a leg, or abdomen. But checking with your doctor would be best.
All the best to you!