Has anyone used Berberine alongside Novolog/Lantus? I’m hearing really good things - the wellness company I belong to has a new Berberine supplement I want to try for blood sugar control but I’ve also read it can make your sugar drop too low in conjunction with insulin so I’m not sure if maybe cutting the two pills a day to one would be beneficial and the supplement would help me keep my sugar steady? Or should I avoid it? It takes weeks to hear back from my doctor if I send questions - and I did send this question in, but after a week and a half of waiting I finally got a short response asking for a photo of ingredients. Sent that in, I’m sure I’ll be waiting another week!

Asi recall you are recently diagnosed, so you’re working with your endo to figure out the best dosing regimen for injections. Your body may be in the honeymoon phase, where it will still produce some insulin on its own - trouble is you don’t know when or how much. I would suggest waiting until the honeymoon is over, which could be some months down the road. Without your body kicking in its own insulin at unpredictable times you’ll have a better idea of how the supplement is affecting you.