San Fran Babysitter

This may be a stretch but we are planning a family trip from Australia to San Francisco in January 2024. Our 8 year old has type 1 diabetes (using a pump). While my son is quite adept at self-management (for an 8 year old), my wife and I were hoping to source a babysitter who is familiar with T1D to look after him for an afternoon or evening. Can anyone point me to any websites or resources?

Can’t commit without my wife’s permission and knowing dates and times needed, but its possible we can help. Send me a direct message.

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At the risk of drawing the wrath of parents, might I ask - is it really necessary to find someone familiar with Type when your child needs a sitter?
Granted knowledge and technology have changed drastically from when I was growing up - we took a shot in the morning and mainly worried about managing insulin reactions (as we called low blood sugar back then). Now we have pumps and carb counts and correction protocols - but what if you give the sitter basic instructions on what to do; have his regular snacks available; and plan ahead for meals or have the sitter call to let you know what he plans to eat so you can instruct on bolusing accordingly? Maybe a quick bolus rather than a precise one will suffice for the few hours you’re away, and if you follow his CGM readings you’ll know what’s going on in case you need to intervene.
Is not always possible to find a sitter who can accommodate a person’s medical condition the way parents would like, but hopefully the kid can still be a kid with a little adaptation in the care department, especially if it’s just a few hours.