Guardian 4 sensors 7 days?

Hi! Guardian 4 sensor last 4-5 days, I never reached the 7 days (arms placement). The tape and patches are ok, it just suddenly crashes. Do you have also had this issue? Any possible explanation? Thanks

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I just got my Medtronic 780 and G4 transmitter. So, I haven’t started on it yet. I will add that my G3 sensors almost always last 7 days. I often reboot them and extend it for another few days. I wonder if some people’s system works with it differently. Oh, I wear mine on my arms. It does not work well at all on my stomach.

I hope you get some helpful responses.

That sounds like a question for Medtronic Technical Support. They were pretty free with advice and replacement sensors when I had problems like that with the G3s. (They won’t want to keep sending you replacement sensors, so they should be pretty motivated to help you determine what is causing the sensor to crash, which definitely sounds like a technical issue.)

To add a bit to what @MarkCK says - I use Dexcom and need maybe 3 or 4 replacements a year. I’ve never had a problem getting them but I have read on the forum that people who need frequent device replacements are being told that customer service has to get additional approvals or something along those lines.
Hey, if you need a replacement you need one; but I’m guessing they think frequent requests might be from people trying to stock up on extras rather than actually needing them. To save yourself some headaches, do check with tech support or perhaps even better, your trainer, to make sure everything is as it should be.

Yes, I never needed more than 3 or 4 replacement sensors a year which may be why they were so free with them. However, this sounds like a real technical issue and if he reports it when it happens so they can do the diagnostic with him on the phone, they might be able to get at the core problem. Then both he and Medtronic should be happy. It just might take a few times reporting it. (Which is a pain, I know, because they have to run through a script when you call and it usually takes 10-20 minutes to get through everything. But it should pay dividends in the long run.)

Pump manufacturers want to know about repeat technical problems. I had the exact issue with the battery cover for which they issued the recall a year before the recall occurred. When you let them know about such issues, they want - or more likely are required - to fix them.

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I think everyone does. It is the nature of the beast. Medtronic has little to say about it, they just send you a new one. You can even do that up to 3 times in a 3 month period without calling them. If it’s happening more than once a month they wanna know what you are doing. They can’t really refuse to replace them if they don’t last 7 days because they are aware of that beast!