More Dexcom sensor issues

I’m lucky if my G6 sensor lasts 6 days w/o alot of false readings and no readings alert. Apparently as of 6/23 Dexcom has decided that they’re no longer easily replacing faulty sensors if you’ve “exceeded your limit” in the last 90 days. I am so sick of the incompetence and arrogance of this company. Is anyone using the Eversense E3? Or any other reliable sensor with Tandem?


That’s awful! Have you tried switching your transmitter? I once had a lot of terrible sensors and then figured out it was a bad lemon g6 transmitter.
Doubly awful that dexcom won’t replace them! it’s probably a bad lot of sensors, meaning it’s their fault!
I’d call back and see if you get a different rep and then ask them for a new sensor. If they say the same thing ask 1) what the max number of sensors replacements is 2) when can I order my next new sensor 3) tell them that you’re very frustrated and disappointed and are considering taking your business elsewhere. If they can’t answer or won’t listen ask for a supervisor.

I use the dexcom G6, I’ve had issues with it before but they’ve straightened out via troubleshooting, ordering a replacement, or switching transmitters and realizing what the problem was! For some reason my sensors always fail when we get on an airplane. Do you by chance travel for work a lot??? Or live at a very high altitude??? Maybe (very maybe) that’s the issue?
I haven’t heard great things about the Medtronic, but I’ve heard people say they like libre. I know that eversense exists but I haven’t ever met anyone with it and from what I’ve read it’s not as accurate (I think the newest one still needs daily or regular calibrations- not the worst but not ideal for many people). Fortunately we’ve got some options nowadays!

Sorry to hear. Can you get the G7 in your area? I switched 3 months ago and it’s briliant, much more accurate than the G6 (although I didn’t have your level of problems with the G6, and found it very good too)

I’m sorry this is happening. I’m on a few different sites, and have heard of others in this same situation. Have you tried various locations? My son and I both prefer upper arm or outer thigh. I tried inner thigh last time, and not as good.
I have seen good convo on the Libre. So, it would be worth a try, if you can make that switch. Havent seen enough on the G7 - but looking forward to using it, once they are compatible with Tslim.
Last thing - you asked about anything reliable with Tandem - if you are asking about a different sensor for the Tslim closed loop option, the G6 is the only one. However, if you are ok with being in a manual (not closed loop) set up, you can use any sensor.
Best of luck

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I too greatly dislike Dexcom’s customer support contractor. I’ve looked at the Eversense but the daily fingerstick requirement is a no go for me. Their clinical trial results looks similar to the G6, as in it is close enough to the lab measured blood sugar most of the time, sometimes it is wrong but it rarely completely misses a low. You’d have to manually enter readings into your pump. The other CGM option that also requires manual entry is the Medtronic Guardian although I have yet to see someone post here about choosing it over a Dexcom. Abbott’s Freestyle Libre series isn’t FDA approved for integration with a pump, and based on my experience with it, for good reason.

I’ve seen a couple others post over the years about being denied replacement from Dexcom. They all talked about accuracy problems but from the information they provided they wanted the Dexcom to be more accurate than it is. @wadawabbit posted this Dexcom support page about comparing Dexcom numbers to fingerstick results in another thread. Is my Dexcom sensor accurate? | Dexcom The chart is a gross oversimplification of Could you please describe the false readings?

The tandem pumps are a looney tunes cartoon sound track of alerts. In addition to dealing with the typical bluetooth doesn’t work through water and humans are mostly water problems are you suffering from a little or a lot of alert fatigue? If so tell us what you have configured for alerts and some tandem users might share how they manage the nagging.

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Hi @tahdah793 . I’m sorry for the experience you’re having with Dexcom. How long have you been using the system - did it work well previously and recently stop?
If is recent it could have something to do with bad lots, or perhaps an issue at the manufacturing location (I don’t know if there they have more than one, and some are better than others - just a theory).
Another possibility is a medication you are taking - or perhaps even something herbal. I’m no scientist and that may be a longshot but sometimes repeated failures point to something previously unknown. I thought acetaminophen was okay to use with the G6 (not with the prior versions) but just hit on this: Interfering Substances and Risks | Dexcom
And finally, for whatever reason, some people’s bodies simply are not compatible with particular devices. Another such as Eversense might work for you. I personally found Freestyle similar to Dexcom in accuracy but experiences do vary, and of course only Dexcom works in the closed loop right now.
I hate to say it but from a business standpoint I can understand Dexcom doing a bit more investigation before replacing sensors too frequently. It is an inconvenience, certainly, but may be part of the due diligence needed to determine what is causing the failures in the first place: is it user error; a manufacturing issue; simple incompatability? Do they need to investigate for interference with medications or herbal products? If there are frequent failures I can’t really blame them for needing to do a deeper dive into the causes.

Interesting. I thought I was one of the few. I’m constantly receiving false alerts as it’ll read low then few minutes later normal (typically at night go figure). Often calibration outside the 15% (which as a scientist I think 15% is too much anyway) but that’s sad to hear. I stopped calling and am waiting to see if G7 better once allowed w T slim. I’ll also state am I’m houston which is humid & during summer often lose early as fall off despite several adhesives. Ugh.

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@Sqduarte have you tried Simpatches? Those generally last me the full 10 days. I wear the patch over a shield so if the patch comes off at least it does not pull out my sensor. Available with and without a strap - I’ve used both but the strap was very tedious to use so I switched.

Yes thanks. I’ve tried a variety. But heat + humidity + jogging is too much during certain months.

I can vouch that Dexcom is just… kinda arrogant and plain rude a lot of the time. We switched over to the Libre 3 sensor and despite what some people are saying, works absolutely flawlessly if you use it where it’s FDA approved! That does mean you shouldn’t use it in the stomach, but other than that, I’ve had very few faulty sensors and they will always replace them as soon as they have proof of a faulty sensor. For me, I’d say Libre 3 is the absolute best on the market in terms of customer service and overall quality.
Happy hunting

I have a Tandem T Slim pump and DC is the only device that will pair w/pump which provides me w/CGM which has been more poros than cons. Totally agree medical pump/supply companies 1st priority is profit staff are the worker bees that follow protocol and “script” set by higher ups making lots of money. Just the way it is when health care is a capitalistic/for profit industry like in this country.

I’ve been reading more and more reports of issues like yours in the diabetes community, both with G6 and G7. It’s concerned me enough to hold off on switching to them, My Medtronic is doing really good right now, so I’m going with Medtronic 780 and G4 cgm. I know a lot of people love Dexcom, but I’m too cautious for it right now.

That’s strange- I’ve had the opposite experience with dexcom. They’ve always been really helpful, even scheduling a zoom meeting with a rep to talk about how to keep the sensors on for longer. I guess it really depends on who you get on the other side of the phone!

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Same for me (although I’ve never contacted them via Zoom).
I read our heard somewhere that Dexcom has a few different customer service centers. If so I wonder if that explains the different experiences. That in turn makes me wonder if they have more than one manufacturing plant and quality control is better or worse depending on the one yours are sources from.
Those theories might require a deeper dive than can be found on the forum, but are something to think about.

From everything I’ve heard the reps are great! It’s just that recently with the sensor issues on top of the certain number of replacements just hasn’t sat right with me for a while… back when I was on Dexcom, I would get a lot of replacements but one day they straight up told me, “He’s too lean to use our product,” which was super unfortunate and quite frankly, just didn’t make sense to me at the time. My apologies though, I should’ve clarified it isn’t the reps, just the management that I’m upset with. I’ve heard great things from some people but others have had my experience unfortunately. To be fair, I did use Dexcom in my arm for the time that I did use it, so that might be why I experienced issues with it.

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I have read that people who are lean tend to have issues with Dexcom - maybe the system needs a certain amount of fleshy tissue to get readings - I don’t know.

I’m very lean and have only had minimal issues with G7.

I’ve rarely have had any issues with G7 and I’m very lean (marathon runner lean). Whenever I’ve called Dexcom they have been helpful, courteous, and send replacements if sensor is bad.

I was just on with tech “support”. They refused to send out a replacement because I’ve only had the sensor on for 12 hours. The readings are 40 points off and jumping all over the place. They said a 46 point difference is acceptable by the FDA. I have never heard this and find it hard to believe. I’m using a G6.

hi. in a general sense, yes, 40 points off (in mg/dl) under certain circumstances can be considered accurate. anytime your blood sugar is changing fast, interstitial fluid may be up to 90 mg/dl off from a flinger stick and can still be within the allowable “lag” and “error”. when in doubt treat according to your FINGER STICK meter. I used to totally ignore G6 for the first 12 hours, and rely on finger stick readings while the sensor settled down. good luck!.