Looking to interview an administrator, if possible!


My name is Joni Katz and I am a student at Pennsylvania State University. I am obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and to complete an upcoming assignment, I need to interview an affiliated member of an online support community for individuals affected by type I diabetes.

After researching many different online support groups, the Type One Nation community stands out as a thriving, effective, and well-established platform. My hope is to interview a moderator, host, or administrator regarding the importance of this support group, specifically for adolescents with type I diabetes, and learn a little more about how this community works.

On a personal note, my 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type I diabetes 8 years ago and because we have lived outside of the United States since her diagnosis, I have often wondered if an online support community would be beneficial to her, specifically for emotional and motivational purposes. I look forward to introducing her to the Type One Nation community and hope she can find some reprieve from the ever-challenging burdens and complexities of managing type I diabetes.

Please let me know if any of you administrators out there are willing to answer a few questions. It should take no longer than 30 minutes of your time.

Warm regards,

Joni Katz

@joniann Welcome Joni to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! This Forum is a gathering place for people, mostly non- medical professionals, affected by autoimmune diabetes eager to listen, and share what we have learned while living with TypeOne.

I have been a volunteer moderator of this Forum for several years and try to relate to all ages as well as to the newly diagnosed and those who have lived with diabetes for many years. I’ve lived with diabetes since I was 15, and now I’m in my 80s and we all know that the more one knows about living with diabetes the better off life will be - your daughter could well benefit by reading postings here and sharing with others.

I will happily speak with you, voice, chat or email to provide assistance with your project. To set up contact information, message me on this site by clicking on my picture an selection “message”.

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