New Insulin pump and CGM

Hey Everyone!

My name is Justin Ortiz and I am a type one diabetic. I’ve been living with diabetes for about 17 years now and have been through all the ups and downs like the rest of us. I’m currently a college student, expected to graduate next year. I am conducting research on a new product I plan to design and pursue during my time in school and after. I am trying to create a new device that can make living with diabetes easier than ever before. Plus, my product has not been out in the market yet or even popularized yet. SO, if everyone can get a chance to fill out this 2-minute survey, it would help me greatly with my research!

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@jusa Welcome Justin tp the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

You may get a better response, yes I know this was just posted a few minutes ago, if you provided a little insight into the project you have envisioned.

Some background you may want to investigate: about 10 years ago Medtronic tested a combined CGM Sensor and infusion set for use with its MiniMed Paradigm pump - the device, which got me involved didn’t get to Stage II testing. And that project had the Medtronic wallet.

I’m not trying to ask you to stop inventing, using your imagination. Personally during the seven decades in which I’ve lived with diabetes I’ve participated in several trials - both for devices and medical procedures that have helped you.

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