Sugar control

First time, I am having serious issues with my diabetes and health from it, and would like to discuss with people on here who have experienced similar stuff

Hi @jkutoroff welcome to the forum. I think everyone here can relate to having a tough time controlling blood sugar. It might help if you said a little more? Maybe if you are on a pump or MDI, or if you are having trouble after eating or maybe between meals? It would help if you told us if you’ve been type 1 for a long time or if you were diagnosed a week ago? Anyway I have had diabetes a long time and I still have trouble controlling blood sugar once in a while. I’m glad you are here and there are a lot of people here with similar experiences.

Welcome to the forum @jkutoroff ! I think you will find this a very supportive community but keep in mind we arr not doctors and even if we were we can’t dispense medical advice. If you want to share some detail we might be able to suggest things you could try if you are comfortable doing that on your own - or to discuss with your doctor.
I highly recommend you check out the book Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner. He has Type1 diabetes and works in the field so has a unique personal perspective that is particularly helpful. I found it to be a fun read, and I think it’s a great supplement to education from your endo.

@jkutoroff Hi Jared, and welcome to this Community Forum! We are a bunch of good listeners with a common interest, TypeOneDiabetes, so ask away.

I’m a guy with decades of experience living with diabetes and willing to share my experiences and what I’ve learned - both what has helped me along with some deep hole I’ve stumbled into.