The Mobi

I’m following the Mobi, can a real user step up and give some comments pro/con about it please? It appears to be a miniature of the Tslim x2 CIQ which I wear now, except for the application being driven by the phone app…rather than a device screen? What is appealing to me is the size and it is compatible with the Tru Steel infusion option - the cannula infusion has never worked well for me and so I haven’t considered devices that use a cannula.

I’m up for a new pump in October, possibly by then the G7 (i’m on now) will be looped with the Mobi, if so, it could be a beneficial choice. thanks in advance for info. Mary

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Hi @Disco2 it’s very new I’m ordering it I’d be glad to review it and post comments. But near as I can tell it will be a few weeks minimum.

The pump has no interface (no screen no buttons) control is through an iPhone app. It is physically very small but you can use any tandem infusion set because the cartridge connector is the same as the x2.

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Joe - thanks, i’ll be looking out for your share in future. I was also looking at the iLet but honestly that sounds like a nightmare for a brittle diabetic. all the best. Mary


Hi Mary.
I was at an event a few weeks ago and was able to take a look at the Mobi at Tandem’s vendor table. The tiny size is very appealing, and I understand it will be compatible with the G7. However, my iphone is considerably larger than my current Tslim pump and, without the interface, I will have to always have my iphone on my person, or very close by. That is two devices which become critical, must be kept charged etc. It seems to me too big a leap! (There is a feature for giving a bolus one unit at a time if you lose your iphone, but that seems like operating blind.) I look forward to hearing how everyone feels about it once it is broadly available. Another plus I should mention is that it appears to be slightly easier to fill with insulin–no pre-filled cartridges, alas-- but easier than filling a cartridge for the Tslim.

Here’s are pictures from Tandem’s website - the thing is tiny! Cool that there’s a “pocket” you can stick on to wear it on your body with 5" tubing. I see it’s only compatible with iPhone. There. was a time we iPhone users had to wait - now it seems Android users have to wait for it to be available.

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I’ve always had an android phone. Don’t know if THEY listen on to me like THEY do on Android oh well.

Those pictured Dorie @wadawabbit, which every one who is interested has already seen over-and-over, shiw what Tandem is advertising and really don’t do the device and its positive points justice.

I got to play around with it a few months ago, before release to the public, and find it a really good. But for two reasons decided it wasn’t for me and just one month ago I began my sixth year with a new t-Slim. Dwayne @duwaynemolendyk highlights one reason.

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Well, mine shipped I’ll upload real pictures,data, whatever you folks want to see. First new pump in a looooong time. Just like x2, program updates make android support plausible, and a CGM agnostic design makes good sense to me.


@joe Looking forward to your pictures and personal findings of how easy to operate and, of course, the results! Thanks for whatever you provide.

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Thanks for sharing. I have an iPhone and am compatible already on G7 - I’ll wait and see, I conformed my pants trend to hook the tslim on my pants waistband- lol not sure I want to change that style to have a coin pocket-but strapped to the arm or leg I’d consider .

That placement is just an option - you should be able to use your regular length rubbing of you want.

Mobi comes with a little clip same as x2. I’ll post a picture when it arrives Thursday.

I’m looking forward to your updates as well, Joe. I’m one of those Android users, so I’ll have to wait on getting a Mobi. I like the smaller size, but am curious how well it will work. I’ll be following to see what folks think of it!

Pam K.

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I’m commenting mostly so I get notified when there are new posts in this thread. My doctor’s encouraging me to consider the Mobi and iLet, too.