Best age for Screening?

Is there an age where screening is most recommended for siblings of people with T1D? I know the diagnosis can happen at any age, but is there an age where you are most likely to develop autoantibodies?

Hi Kristin,
This is a fantastic question! There are currently no strict guidelines about the best time to screen for autoantibodies (but as screening becomes more widely accepted/available, we hope these guidelines are forthcoming!). Here are some resources for you to check out:

  • : recommendations on best times for screening and individualized advice for your family and healthcare providers
  • T1Detect website (Early Diabetes Screening & Detection - JDRF Resources)- education surrounding screening, why it’s important, and how to screen
  • TrialNet: Research study that screens family members at no cost (ages 2-45 for immediate family members). They even have at-home kits if you’re interested. The researchers are experts and will be able to help guide you as well!

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Thank you for sharing this very valuable information.